July 3, 2022

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We look at the math behind Harry and Meghan’s Africa trip expenses

Today, Harry and Meghan embarked on another attack, this time thanks to spending time on a trip to Africa last year. In the headlines was ‘Sky-high cost separating the royal family: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s African trip cost 5,000,245,000, which became the most expensive vacation by The Firm last year as the total travel bill reached £ 5.3 million.’ Another day, another series that didn’t really hold up for consideration. Before we go to judgment, we need to look at the numbers correctly. Harry and Meghan’s trip is, in fact, the ‘most expensive trip’ made by a member of the royal family in 2019, but they are presented in a twisted way without variables. All this is about context. So let’s look at the actual numbers.

Harry and Meghan’s trip to four countries in Africa in 2019 – Malawi, South Africa, Angola and Botswana – cost 5,000 245,000. The trip lasted ten days, meaning that each day, on average, would cost 500 24,500. Of course, this is not a very small amount of money. But it’s too much compared to an overweight family, and it’s more affordable than a particular example.

A two-day trip to Prince Charles Oman cost 5,000 205,000, which means it costs an average of 2 102,500 per day. It doesn’t take a calculator to see that it is four times more expensive than the amount the headlines are complaining about in the case of Harry and Meghan. Charles Japan trip – four days, cost 3 113,000, on average, 000 28,000, even more than the risky amount.

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Or watch William and Kate’s five-day tour of Pakistan, which is described as a great success. Yes, it costs 7 117,000, which is almost half as much as the Harry and Meghan tour, but it’s also half as long. Their daily average? 29,000. More than a few thousand pounds than Harry and Meghan.

It would be fair to criticize the fact that the taxpayer funded the Harry and Meghan trip. It is reasonable to ask whether it is really worth the investment, if we really need to pay for it, if it is not spent elsewhere. If we do so, we must apply it to everyone, and attach equally to every member of the royal family who traveled on our money. Didn’t like Harry and Meghan? That is your business. Highlights often do not go to judgment without addressing the possibility of covering up surprising truths.

Thanks for the twitter account yalroyal_suitor For pointing out the problem.

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