May 19, 2022

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BlueJay’s new Challenge vs. Rays will be different after the season

BlueJay's new Challenge vs. Rays will be different after the season

TORONTO – The Toronto Blue Jays have the potential to reach this stage, surpassing many, but for major Major League Baseball as a whole. This brief 60-game period was a welcome break from pandemic life, and things almost fell apart when the Miami Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals were exposed to the early COVID-19 outbreak. As fans poured in on the results from the field, officials came to life and died with the lab results.

Despite all the challenges and losses, the first finish line came on Sunday as the regular-season came to an end and the Blue Jays were among the 16 teams to continue the second team. Baltimore overcame a 32-28 campaign defeat 7-5 at the hands of the Orioles and locked into the first round playoff series against the eighth seed and the Tampa Bay Race.

If they won, they would have lost 5-0 to the New York Yankees and Marlins, jumping to fifth place in second place in the American League East and facing Cleveland.

Instead, it’s a date with their arch-nemesis‌, a manager Charlie Montoya says his players are enjoying.

“To start winning the championships, our team knew we had to go through Tampa Bay,” said Montoya, who spent 22 years at the race organization before joining the Blue Jays last year. “We played the Yankees well, now we have to play Tampa Bay well, so I want them to go there, because it’s a big challenge for us.”

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The match was a 10-game season series between Montoya and the race coaching staff, with the aspirations of the Blue Jays mimicking the potential of the rays and a 48 -4 cumulative score.

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Overall the Blue Jays are 4-6, 1-4 in five one-run matches and 2-1 in three two-run deals. 12-4 Blue Jays win and 4-1 Rays win outliers.

“Every team is going to present its challenges if you are right now,” race manager Kevin Cash told Tampa Bay reporters. “We have a very good idea about that team just like they did to us. … we’re all over our hands.”

The gameplay is already underway, with Montoy refusing to reveal how he will equalize the rotation again. Beating coach Chad Motola, who began his career in the Blue Jays system and became a Big-League hit coach in 2013, said, “He’s going to show us the cards.”

“I know they’re going to do some interesting things with the pitchers,” Motola added, “who’s starting, who’s getting taller; moving parts.”

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Motola comments, and Montoy laughs, “So, yes, rays, hold on now. You have to wait. Your work is not done yet. ”

Blue Jays will be flooding the waters from Friday.Keeping our options open”And“ How we can enhance and optimize pitching ”- and it becomes an important subplot.

Hyun-Jin Ryu is not their automatic pick for Game 1 after throwing 100 pitches and seven innings for the first time this season. Mantoi insisted his ace was fine, but the schedule that Matt Schumacher started Saturday to throw the bullpen with Rat Ray was canceled, making the pair look like the opener.

“Nothing,” Montoyo replied when asked. “We need to talk about the whole list. I want to show everything at the same time. Everyone is on our list and in rotation.”

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Objectively, since the first game began in 1995, the winning team has been 126-49 in the series regardless of round or length. Teams rising 2-0 88-9, 3-0 17-1.

Of the best three, taking the first game will cause the opponents to face immediate elimination, so there is a case to make sure your best arm gets the ball. If Rue wants to take advantage of the extra day, you may want to set him up better.

Obviously, Blue Jays seems to be well set.

Gurrial Jr., who left the game on Saturday after fouling the ball at his feet, returned to the lineup for the final, going 4-for-4 with a homer and two doubles, ending with a team-leading 308 batting average. Meanwhile, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., with his ninth homer this season, has reached 12-to-27 weeks.

Both of them, along with Cavan Biggio and Bo Bichet, are at the top of the lineup, going a long way in deciding how things should go.

Tanner Roark scored four runs in four innings, two, surpassing the difficult first season in which he finished second in the Blue Jays with 47.2 innings, but finished with a 6.99 ERA, and Shun Yamaguchi finished third in the decisive fifth, most importantly on Jordan Romano’s direct batting practice. Development.

The Canadian right-hander threw his all out on the picnic and as long as he was sore on Monday, he should be on the post-season list. He has been out since his right middle finger was covered with bruises – just like Aaron Sెnchez has rolled over and needs surgery to repair.

While he is unlikely to be 100 percent, he could be an important add if he could give the Blue Jays a key inning or two.

Teams at Tropicana Field‌ must be sorted by Monday before an engagement full of contacts, friendships and animosities.

“I and everyone involved in this organization have a lot of appreciation for Charlie and his family,” Cash said. “You will not work here as long as he does and there is no big impression in such a positive way. You talk to the players who played for him, you talk to guys who know him well, he’s just an unbelievable human and great leader, a great manager, all those things.

“We’m excited for him. But we have to come on Tuesday and get to the past and find our best step forward and find a way to win the games.”

The same “not only for me, but also for my players,” Montoyo said. “They really wanted to play Tampa Bay because it was the toughest match of the year in 10 games. They are looking forward to that challenge again against one of the best teams in baseball.”

Blue Jays got the road they wanted. It takes them wherever they want to go.