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Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires Revealed by Koi Techmo at TGS 2020

Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires Revealed by Koi Techmo at TGS 2020

TGS 2020: At the 20th anniversary of Shin Sango Musa, Koi Techmo and the Omega Force Dynasty Warriors 9 Empire are revealed with the first trailer.

Koi Techmo happened Special program For Dynasty Warriors TGS 2020 revealed the series on the last day, in particular Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires. Stream featured Dynasty Warriors Producer Akihiro Suzuki. Note that this is primarily a celebratory event Musau to Dynasty Warriors / Shin Sango 20th anniversary, so much stream nostalgia, looking back towards the series, reading messages from fans and so on. Two game announcements were made at the end of the stream.

The mobile game is named after the first game announced mobile Musou to Shin Sango, Coming to iOS and Android in Japan. It will be an action game celebrating the 20th anniversary of the series. The game contains new illustrations and costumes for the characters. Clothing is reflected during gameplay and also includes stats as accessories. The story of the game is brand new. New characters can be obtained through Gacha. Rare R, SR and SSR. A Official Twitter The game has started and closed beta pre-registration has also begun.

Later, another game was announced: it will Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires, cIn early 2021 PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox Series X., And Steam.

Producer Akihiro Suzuki described some of the games: Musa 8 Empires / Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires to Shin Sango The first game in Empires Spinoff series in six years. It includes visually enhanced visuals and gameplay systems Dynasty Warriors9. The country management system was restored. You can still customize the avatar with the revised edit function.

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Producer Suzuki says they still can’t tell us many new things. Additional details will come via Famitsu and at a later date of the game Official site. Producer Suzuki was happy they were finally able to announce the game, like Kovid-19 it was hard to find the right time.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires The series celebrates its 20th anniversary. Producer Akihiro Suzuki also confirmed Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires Not the open world.

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