May 28, 2022

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Dying winds give hope to firefighters; Dozens of homes were destroyed – CBS Sacramento

Dying winds give hope to firefighters;  Dozens of homes were destroyed - CBS Sacramento

Santa Rosa (CBS13 / AP) – The latest on the devastating wildfires burning in the wine country of Northern California:

8:58 am

A total of 95 structures have been destroyed so far in the glass fire, Call Fire said.

These numbers include 28 homes in Sonoma County and 52 homes in Napa County.

As of Tuesday morning, the glass fire had risen to 42,560 acres. No control was reported.

6:26 in the morning

Firefighters say dying winds could dampen wildfires that erupted in Napa and Sonoma counties, triggering tens of thousands of evacuations, while a second fire killed at least three people.

Glassfire spread across the wine country on Monday, increasing in size to 56.6 square miles (146.59 square kilometers) without any control.

Some two dozen homes were burned, San Jose Mercury News reported.

Although the surrounding areas have been burned in a series of fires in recent years, the fires have been ignited by a brush that has not burned for over a century.

But the dry winds that extinguished the blaze appeared to have eased by Monday evening and firefighters were “more confident,” Division Chief Ben Nichols told Call Fire.

“We didn’t have the critical burning conditions we experienced the last two nights,” he said.

Glassfire is one of nearly 30 wildfires burning around California and hot, dry conditions with strong Santa Ana winds could be a fire hazard in southern California until Tuesday, the National Weather Service warned.

In the northern woods of the state, more than 1,200 people were evacuated to Shasta County for a jog fire.

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Shasta County Sheriff Eric Magri said Monday that three people were killed in the blaze. He did not give any details but asked the people who received the evacuation orders: “Don’t wait.”

Habitats are widely scattered in the area, which was gutted by a deadly car fire just two years ago – notorious for producing a massive tornado-like vortex.

Below are previous day’s updates:

10 p.m.

Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency Monday night in three severely damaged counties due to fires and tropical-cyclone-energy winds. Emergencies include Napa and Sonoma counties, where glass fires tripled Monday. It also covers the deadly Shasta County Jog Fire Three people were killed Monday.

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Every five seconds, one acre of fires erupts, officials say, in homes, vineyards and wineries. Callisto was ordered to evacuate the entire city. In all, about 70,000 residents were forced to flee, many by midnight.

The fast-moving fire was unpredictable, damaging or destroying at least seven vineyards, including Chate Boswell, Black Rock Inn and Meadow Resort, and many more were at risk because the fires were still 0%.

5:26 p.m.

Napa and Sonoma counties continue to evacuate after fires developed over the weekend. As of Monday evening, Call Fire said glass fire had burned 36,236 acres and contained 0%.

“I mean I saw a fire on that hill right there,” Richard Bombay said.

Bombay burst into tears Monday, describing a fire near his Napa County home.

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“I saw a fire there. Hopefully, it did not burn down the folk house,” he said.

Fires broke out over the hills, and crews faced several fires. They are resistant to dangerous fire conditions as the weather is dry and hot.

“It was two miles from the street, on fire, and just over three weeks ago it was over this peak,” Bombay explained.

CBS13 caught several spot fires in Deer Park, Callistoga and St. Helena.

John Millions lost almost everything.

“I was so upset, thinking, coming? Am I going to burn now? ”Said Millions.

He escaped the fire with his passport, drugs, cell phone and iPad.

“So I have to take it at a time of day,” he said.

10:13 am

Sonoma Raceway is opening its 50-acre campground as a temporary evacuation area.

Officials say Raceway can handle 2,000 campers on its regular main event weekends.

Campground is straight from Highway 121 to Raceway and was not affected by the fire.

They had gathered to enter the campground at Gate 6 outside the highway.