December 6, 2022

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Midnight Mania! Beef with John Blachovich Daniel Carmire, he fixes it immediately

Midnight Mania!  Beef with John Blachovich Daniel Carmire, he fixes it immediately

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Let’s go down in history as the fastest feud in light heavyweight history.

After John Djokovic’s victory over John Blachovich’s Championship-worthy knockout (Look!), Not impressed with some new Kingpin. In particular, Joan Jones started abruptly He questioned his move to heavyweight In favor of reclaiming his title, former champion Daniel Carmier recently discussed the Polish athlete with Ariel Helvani on their podcast.

“Jones beat Blachovich. Very slowly. (Blachovich) is very slow to beat ప్రజలు because people don’t understand Jones, he has a good beard “says Carmier (via transcription MMAJunkie). “You can hit him. I hit him. Most of us beat him. He can take punches, man. If John Blachovich is there, and he’s too slow, Jones will take him apart. If I’m still fighting at 205 – or if I’m still fighting today – and you ‘say,’ DC, you can fight John Blachovich ‘, I’m probably fighting John Blachovich. No disrespect. ”

Blachovich did not appreciate the comments from the retired “DC” and gave Carmir a look at his set of skills.

It was precisely how the warriors sucked back into the mix, but the worker was very firm and satisfied with his current position, respectfully avoiding the opportunity.

Fortunately, Blachovich did not harbor resentment for long, leaving the issue immediately and honoring himself.

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With this small change Blachovich may not get his next title challenger‌, he may have a future in conflict resolution!


Guys, stop with jokes. It’s just “Cross and unnecessary, “And its Paulo hurts Costa’s feelings!

Chail Sonnen Never Try to provoke a fight or hurt Jon Jones. Never!

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Cool animation meets good technical analysis!

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Dustin Poyer was a little more salty about his treaty issues.

Slips, rips and KO clips

Excellent use of uppercuts along the ropes:

Another great use of the uppercut, this time on the counter after taking a clean shot!

Blaming is a high risk, a high reward.

Random Land

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Midnight Music: This Billy Stewart track closed my Discovery Weekly playlist and it’s a banger!

Maniacs Sleep well! More martial arts madness is always on the way.