May 20, 2022

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Slack Randoms: Fokey Flies, Surfing Wizards & the Ugliest Kit in Cycling History?

Slack Randoms: Fokey Flies, Surfing Wizards & the Ugliest Kit in Cycling History?
Education First x Palace skateboards new kit

Among the bizarre collaborations we have seen in recent years, the premium roadwear brand Rafa has teamed up with Palace Skateboards to launch this kit for the Education First Team at Giro de Italia this year. It’s a palace duck, white polka dots and inexplicably, a bearded man sniffing your arm holes. The EF press release said, “For a truly fresh perspective on the sport, we have teamed up with an organization that is alien to the beauty of cycling, cares about its origins and is not trained in its traditions”.

We hate it, where can we buy it now?

Absolute proof that your bell is obsolete
Alec Eklows Flair to Fokey
When first semenuk He set up his freecoaster and was the first big drop of a half-big cab in Boniard In 2016, at Crankworks Joiride, he began the trend of pushing the rear wheel forward in mountain biking.

Since then we have seen riding backwards as a standard part of competitions and revisions and one of the major areas of progress in the sport. The latest in the line-up is Alec Eklov, who has become a bit of a fake specialist. His latest trick is to flair the open loop that landed on Fakey, which we think is the first of its kind in the world. The flair is a combination of 180 ్రమ rotation and backflip, with riders usually making sure they can move forward in the quarterpipes. Alec did his skill in the open loop, which means the 180 rotation sees him ride backwards in the faux pas.

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Alec can pull the 180 barspin to the puck and the 540 to the puck.

Surfing wizards

How to compile Ari Brown that can look happy?

Here is a short story: This author once saw a rubber, tohead Aussie competition at the McDowish trim event at the Byron Bay Surf Festival. (Dozens of alt-leaning loggers-10-foot gliders, long wave hits, etc.) Foil board turned into a lineup at Vertigos, turned around and drove a wave into the next bay over, never to be seen again

Surfer Mag

Maya Gabira drives the biggest wave of the year
Speaking of surfing, Maya Gabira is driving the biggest wave ever made by a woman and the biggest wave anyone has ever run in the 2019-2020 winter season here. She made waves in Nazareth, Portugal and Guinness, confirming her previous record of five and a half feet, measuring 73.5 feet (22.4 meters). This wave won her the cbdMD XXL Biggest Wave Award and that wave was confirmed by the Red Bull Big Wave Award.

Lewis finds of the week

Baron Corbin Tables A Tumble
The WWE star touches the mat after a collision with a fallen tree.

New anti-mechanical doping pizza oven

Putting the iPad around the bottom bracket is a little step new.