September 25, 2022

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WWE Special Details Reversing Their Cameo Accounts

WWE Special Details Reversing Their Cameo Accounts

Wrestling Inc. As specifically reported on Thursday, WWE will control the Twitch accounts of the talented In four weeks. This includes talent with accounts with their real names. WWE owns those accounts, but the talent gets a percentage of the revenue, which goes against their negative guarantees.

WWE has talent token deals to change their cameo accounts. Below are some highlights from the contract sent to Talent:

* Talent certifies that WWE is their authorized representative

* Authorizes Talent Cameo to make all payments and other compensation to WWE

* Cameo will not be a party in any dispute between Talent and WWE

* Authority may be terminated at any time only if the account is terminated.

As previously reported, Vince McMahon has issued an ordinance indicating talent. The company later clarified the legislation stating that talented Twitch and YouTube accounts could be maintained under their real names, although they would have to inform the company about those accounts. As of this writing, WWE is only taking ownership of Twitch and Cameo accounts.

As noted, McMahon sent an email to Talent this week, recalling that they still have to date to sever unofficial business relationships with third parties. Talent that fails to comply is found to be fined, suspended or revoked.

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