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Change these 6 Apple Watch settings immediately. We will tell you why

Change these 6 Apple Watch settings immediately.  We will tell you why

The default application grid is not always the best.

Vanessa Hand Orellana / CNET

The Apple Watch Part of the smartwatch, which gives you the ability to run apps and display notifications IPhone. It is a part fitness device that measures your heart rate, tracks exercise and – with release WatchOS 7 – It can now also monitor your sleep.

With so many features and capabilities built into the Apple Watch, this is so much more when you are trying to understand why so many apps are installed on your watch, or why Siri is talking to you randomly.

Do you have your own Apple Watch For a while, or you picked a new one Apple Watch Series6 Or Apple Watch SE, You can prevent your camera roll from being occupied by incorrect screenshots and prevent each app from being installed automatically. Here’s what to do.

Adjust all your activity goals

With the release of Watch‌OS 7, Apple has added the option to change your goals while you are standing and exercising. Previously, you could only change your move (or calorie) goal.

So instead of using the default ones – 30 minutes of exercise and 12 standing hours per day – you can change one to suit your actual routine.

This small change will allow you to hit your own goals when you really start your day, not when Apple tells you to. For example, if you use sleep tracking at night and need to charge your watch more in the morning, you will not feel like you have lost an hour to close those rings.

Open Activity Tap the app on your watch and then scroll down Edit goals. Make your adjustments for the three dimensions and start closing those rings.


You now have complete control over what is required to close your activity rings.

Sarah Tue / CNET

Too long, random screenshots

Taking a screenshot on an Apple Watch is done by pressing the Digital Crown and the Side button at the same time. This is a simple and convenient method, if you do not like me and often provoke you into danger, fill the photo app with random images of your watch face.

To disable the ability to take screenshots completely, open Settings Use and go to the app on your watch or the watch app on your phone General And scroll down until you find it Enable screenshots. Turn it off and go back to the clutter-free camera roll.


The default app grid is nice and works for some, but for others, the list of installed apps is easy to navigate.


Stop each application from installing automatically

Each time you install the app on your iPhone (99 699 at Amazon)If there is one, it will automatically install its Apple Watch counter. This can quickly clutter up your watch’s app grid, making it harder to find the apps you want to use on your watch.

Or in the watch app on your phone Settings An app on the watchtop General And then slide the switch to the side Automatic application install To Off Position.

Going forward, you can install individual apps on your watch by opening the Watch app on your phone, and then scroll down to find a list of available apps.

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How to be your child’s phone with the Apple Watch family …


Make your applications easy to find

The Honeycomb app grid promotion looks great on photos and at first glance, but it’s hard to find the app you want to launch, especially if you have a lot of apps installed on your watch. Instead of using the grid, the watch displays all your applications in a character list.

Or in the watch app on your phone Settings View and tap the app Application view > List view. Now, when you press Digital Crown to leave your watch face, you will see a list of apps that you can quickly scroll through and find what you are looking for.


See, app list does not look good?

Sarah Tue / CNET

Control when you see Siri

There are three different ways to activate Siri on your Apple Watch. You can start by pointing your wrist towards your mouth, pressing the digital crown longer, or using the wake phrase “Hey, Siri”.

I often find that I accidentally trigger Siri when I try to check the time or read the notification while talking to someone else (but my watch thinks I am trying to talk to Siri). It can be annoying, but thankfully that can change.

Or in the watch app on your phone Settings In the app on the watch, select Siri When you see Siri there will be three buttons to control. Slide each button Off Position for any options you do not want to use.

This is a hidden feature that you need to remember right now.

Jason Cypriani / CNET

Resize control center

Just like the control center on your iPhone, the Control Center on the Apple Watch is where you go to quickly adjust settings such as “Do Not Disturb” and Airplane mode and activate the flashlight.

However, the list of default options in Control Center ‌ is not the best fit for how you use your watch. For me, that means moving the bedtime toggle from the bottom of the list. When I want to track my sleep over the weekend when I don’t set sleep goals, I can swipe and tap the icon.

To access the Control Center on your watch, swipe up from the bottom of the watch face or you can tap the bottom of the screen for a long time until the Control Center starts to slide up while in an app, then slide your finger up to access it as needed. The same trick works to view your notifications from anywhere.

Change the order or hide it by pressing a few buttons in the Control Center Edit Button at the bottom of the list. The icons start to move and show a red minus sign to hide an option. Drag or drop icons in any order you like or press the red minus button to remove the option completely.

When you are done, press Done Or tap the Digital Crown on the side of your watch to return to the watch face.

There are a lot of valuable Apple Watch features that need to be checked. For example, the ECG application Helps to detect heart rate abnormalities, there is one New dance exercise, And You can also share your custom clock faces.

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