December 1, 2023

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White House Contact Tracing ‘Super-Spreader’ Trump Rose Garden Event

White House Contact Tracing 'Super-Spreader' Trump Rose Garden Event

On Friday, the Republican National Committee sent the New Jersey Department of Health a list of 206 guests for contact tracing purposes, but that list did not include phone numbers – only names and email addresses – or any of the bed minister’s staff. According to two people familiar with New Jersey contact tracing efforts, worked on the program.

“List names and email addresses. You need a city and a state for strong contact, ”an official said. “We basically said a lot – we need and need more information.”

Officials said the state contacted the White House early Friday morning after learning of the president’s confirmation, and a “blanket statement” said “the White House medical unit is tracing all contact.”

“It doesn’t really satisfy us – especially with New Jersey,” the official said.

White House spokesman Mr Deer said: “The full contact tracing has been completed in accordance with CDC guidelines for the trip, NJ.

“All White House staffers who were in close contact during the trip were identified, contacted and recommended for detention.”

Guests at the event for Judge Barrett, some of whom wore masks, joined in Outdoors and indoors, Hugging and talking close to the heads. In the days that followed, at least eight people attended, including two senators. On Monday, White House Press Secretary Kylie McEnney became the latest.

Mr Trump was diagnosed at the time he and others were likely to be infected on Saturday, medical experts said. Symptoms usually appear five days after exposure to the virus; Mr Trump began showing symptoms on Thursday, saying “the right smack dab for the day” he would have sniffed, Dr. Maldonado said.

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