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Marvel Comics Star Wars: The High Republic Comic gets a new preview

Marvel Comics Star Wars: The High Republic Comic gets a new preview

Star Wars: The High Republic, A new era of storytelling from Lucasfilm and Disney Publishing begins in the pages of Charles Soul’s upcoming novel The light of the Jedi, But that is only the beginning. Later in 2021, Marvel Comics will launch its own title, Star Wars: The High Republic, By Cavan Scott. Working with artists Ario Anindito and Mark Morales and taking advantage of Piles of Concept Art Long development period of the project with Lucasfilm, The series brings to life the epoch-making world set 200 years before the start of the Skywalker saga.

At Polygons The New York Comic Con panel focused on The High Republic, Asked comics editor Susanna Polo Scott about the arc of her story, which focuses on the new Jedi: Kiev trens. We look at pages from the comic.

Image: Cavan Scott / Ario Anindito / Marvel Comics

“Kiev is a brand new Jedi,” Scott said. “After the great disaster, Before re-evaluating the galaxy after such a deadly event, she posted to Starlight Beacon [a massive space station, which is out in a vast, starless expanse of space, which literally acts as a beacon for travelers who are going out to the frontier]. Now, that’s something she never did. She wanted to send her to the post. She is ready for that life. Suddenly she finds herself with some of the key Jedi of that era, the people who see her as heroes are now her peers, so she has to deal with it, especially when she started meeting some of the people involved who helped a lot in the great disaster and the great catastrophe. ”

Cavan said Kiev was one of the first designs to return to the story group long before the story group was even called the High Republic. Phil Noto first described the Jedi in a warlike attitude, “And I zeroed in on her and locked her up. So in a way the character design was original and helped me build around how she is. ”

Kiev Trennis falls off a cliff with his Lightsaber in The High Republic Marvel Comic # 1

Image: Cavan Scott / Ario Anindito / Marvel Comics

Like many Jedi in the High Republic era, Kiev had a unique way of seeing the Force. As Cavan describes her power as a cloth, or Cavan, “this massive work of art that spans the universe, is full of different threads and warp and weft of the galaxy. The thing for Kiev is that she has not yet found her own thread, so she sinks in by stepping back and looking at the bigger picture and seeing how she fits. ”

Minor spoiler: She fits one with it, but Two Badas Lightsabers.

Kiev vs Bugs in Marvel Comics' The High Republic

Image: Cavan Scott / Ario Anindito / Marvel Comics

High Republic Currently it starts in 2021. It’s part of the first phase story from Lucasfilm and Disney Publishing – but it’s not the end. As announced during the panel, There is a 2nd step on the way, Comes the way of the fans with new books and stories.

Star Wars: The Early Concept Art of Kiev Trennis from The High Republic

Early Concept Art by Kiev Trennis by Phil Noto
Image: Lucasfilm

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