May 23, 2022

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Bill Burr’s SNL monologue reactions

Bill Burr's SNL monologue reactions

“Did Bill Burr really say that?”

From wearing Bill’s monologue mask, to having topical issues …


The bit began with Bill praising those wearing masks.

… for white women in the “awake” movement …


He later said, “I don’t like to talk bad about my bitches here.”

… LGBTQ Pride per month.


“They are equatorial people,” he said, adding that there should be blacks in July.

Some criticized the monologue:

Bill Burke should try to address homophobia and racism in the worst possible way in his snobbery monologue

Did Bill Burr really say that? Blacks are called “equatorial people,” white women “b-chess” and he says he has never heard of Pride Month. #SNL Please do well

Bill Burr’s early monologue is just as bad and misogynistic. It’s 2020. It’s not funny to call women “bitches” #SNL

Many praised the bill:

That Bill Burr monologue is hilarious. Minus the well-crafted part of the dissolved culture that was bombed.

Bill Burr: White women also benefit from white supremacy, so sit on white fake asses waking white women: #SNL

Bill Burr conveys valid points about the abolition of the culture of trying to abolish everything. Then provide jokes designed to prove the exact point. And Twitter took the bait. Comedy is not for you. This is about you. #billburr #snl

The irony in Bill Burr is that white women make up everything about themselves, just to come online and watch white women crying in the episode & amp; Sounds like an attack, great …. Can’t make this stuff😂😂 #SNL #BILLBURR

And others were not surprised about the whole thing:

Are you a fan of Bill’s monologue? Or stay away from it? LMK in the comments!

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