May 25, 2022

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Gold, silver, and platinum are still small

We were traveling on Friday and could not write our daily report on metals. The facts are simple, we are still small. Clearly this is not a comfortable position to be in recent runs for resistance. However, metals are at the upper end of the resistance; They may turn upside down or fail.

Our message is consistent: we are not emotional about our positions; They are, in fact, based on a mathematical principle, not our opinion. Ken Gold, Silver And Platinum Breakout from here? Can gold ever reach its peak?

The answers are simple. Of course, they can; On the other hand, it slows down and restarts what the algorithm shows as degradation. Either way, we’ll be more or less until tomorrow. We’ll be low across the board; Nothing will be reversed before tomorrow morning.

Today there is a fly in the ointment. This is a partial holiday. Banks, bonds and currencies will be closed. Today’s action could be wrong in both directions. We do not sell tops or bottoms; When the trend changes, we do the reverse. It’s so easy.

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