May 23, 2022

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White House staff infected with coronavirus begin to return to work, disguise – National

White House staff infected with coronavirus begin to return to work, disguise - National

Two weeks later Corona virus Spread by White House, The crew began to return to the West Wing, repelling the use of masks despite criticism that they had only mild symptoms and that they were careless about the spread.

With the President of the United States Donald Trump COVID-19 declares himself immunized after his own match at the hospital in need, his aides at the White House, his re-election campaign and the Republican National Committee gradually recovering from illness, many of them weeks ago November 3 election.

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Melania Trump revealed that Baron Trump also tested positive for the coronavirus

Trump returned to the campaign trail on Monday and scheduled weekly trips in an effort to make up for lost time while receiving treatment while campaigning for Democratic rival Joe Biden.

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A White House official said most of the victims had mild symptoms, and that the White House was “very lucky.”

Press Secretary Kylie McNani has not returned to the White House since she was confirmed, but the official said she expects by the end of the week.

Coronavirus: Trump locks down COVID-19 vaccine if ‘left gains’

Coronavirus: Trump locks down COVID-19 vaccine if ‘left gains’

Hope Hicks, Trump’s senior adviser, said the diagnosis, which appeared publicly in the wave that touched his inner circle earlier this month, is still not at the White House. She said she was fine.

Carolyn Levitt, Assistant Press Secretary, returned after mild symptoms. There are no other press assistants like Harrison Fields, Jalen Drummond and Chad Gilmartin.

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Trump has faced widespread criticism for reducing the pandemic in the early stages and dismissing the severity of the illness.

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Experts say Trump’s new arguments on coronavirus immunity are ‘very dangerous’

He was mostly masked and criticized others, including Biden, while presiding over the White House, staff, secret services and others who rejected the use of the term throughout the worst of the epidemic.

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Ahead of Trump’s visit to Iowa on Wednesday, White House staff roamed around the West Wing without wearing masks, taking precautions immediately after Trump was diagnosed as the virus spread.

White House spokesman Judd Deer said the White House follows guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on masks.

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The White House Chief of Staff declined to speak to reporters when asked to put on a mask

The White House Chief of Staff declined to speak to reporters when asked to put on a mask

“We have incorporated current CDC guidance and best practices to limit COVID-19 exposure as much as possible, including if you are positive or have symptoms at home, social distance, good hygiene and face shields,” he said. Cases are taken “very seriously” but the White House Medical Unit leads a “strong” contact tracing program with CDC staff and guidance.

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“But the important work of the White House and the federal government must continue, which sometimes requires the necessary staff to stay physically in office, and when that happens the president takes every precaution to protect themselves and their health. The whole complex,” he added.

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who spent a week in hospital for treatment, was one of those infected with the virus in Trump Circle. He said in a Twitter post on Saturday that he had been released from the hospital.

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Here is a list of people near Trump who tested positive for coronavirus

White House Security Head Credit Bailey declined to comment on reports that he was seriously ill with COVID-19 and was hospitalized in late September.

The White House has not provided updates on the health status of specific officers.

Trump’s campaign manager Bill Stephen has “fully recovered and returned to office,” campaign spokesman Tim Murtag said.

Rona McDaniel, chairman of the Republican National Committee, said she was “very good” after planning to get down with the virus and travel again on Thursday.

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Trump returns to campaigning after COVID-19 confirmation

Trump returns to campaigning after COVID-19 confirmation

More than 216,000 people have died from COVID-19 in the United States alone.

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Trump’s diagnosis pushed the epidemic back in the middle of the 2020 campaign and gave Biden an extra chance to hammer the president into failing to establish a national strategy to conquer the rapidly spreading disease.

Trump held rallies with thousands of people who did not commit social alienation or wore face shields consistently.

The White House Rose Garden event that announced Judge Amy Connie Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court is suspected to be the source of many of Trump’s inner circle infections.

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‘Not planned’: ‘Total under control’ explores Trump administration’s COVID-19 failure

After attending the event, the President of the University of Notre Dame, Rev. Fr. John I. Jenkins ended his detention on Monday and is asymptomatic, the university said in a statement earlier this week.

Despite many appearances in Trump’s inner circle, new reports of illness are trying to turn the White House upside down. Trish, wife of Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia, who attended the Rose Garden event, confirmed Tuesday that she was positive. On Wednesday, Melania Trump, the first woman to experience mild symptoms of COVID-19, announced that her son Baron was infected, but later tested negative.

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“Fortunately he was a strong young man and showed no traits,” she said in a statement. “He is OK,” Trump later told reporters outside the White House.

(Jeff Mason and Alexandra Alper Reporting; Aurora Ellis Editing)