March 28, 2023

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SNL’s ‘Bonjour Hi’ Sketch Paradise Canadian News: Watch

SNL's 'Bonjour Hi' Sketch Paradise Canadian News: Watch

Canadians are usually pretty cold, and take a long time to bother us. All bets will be turned off when you arrive for Quebec. In last week’s episode hosted by Isa Ray, Live on Saturday night Aired a sketch called “Canadian News Show” in which Bowen Yang and Kate McKinnon played Cubicois news anchors on the CBC show “Bonjour Hi”. For those unfamiliar, when you enter several businesses in Montreal you are greeted with “Bonjour / Hi”, a small dose of bilingual accommodation that demeans some French Canadians, they Want Making law To Criminal Add “hi” and make it “bonjor”. Anyway. Bowen Yang clearly went Rita is well School of Elocation To nail his French-Canadian accent, McKinnon is just one of a kind French-French Slang when making completely absurd French-French jokes about Peugeots. Furthermore, they make a joke about Montreal bagels, viz Scientifically, of course, literally superior To the New York bagels… but they a Jerusalem Bagel To explain their point. Sacrifice! Raising Quebecars with weapons are similar bugs: The Montreal Gazette Published a column Calls the sketch “punishment for our sins” and allows Global News to take to the streets of Montreal The audience expresses their dissatisfaction. Sketch (co-written) Canadian author Celeste Yim, By the way) covered It’s This proves the sketch’s main joke widely in the Canadian news, i.e. Canada, compared to the states, some A lot Slow news days. At the very least this sketch will keep search traffic away from Quebec ownership Surrealistic, French version SNL, This is our best defense secret.

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