July 7, 2022

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Biden blast Trump, Pence staff facing outbreak as US Covid-19 cases rise

Biden blast Trump, Pence staff facing outbreak as US Covid-19 cases rise

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence led the campaign on Sunday despite the spread of COVID-19 among his aides, and accused President Donald Trump of making progress by creating United States records for daily infections, accusing Democratic challenger Joe Biden of surrendering to Trump. Pandemic.

Although it was revealed to its chief staff mark Mark Short, who tested positive on Saturday, the White House cited Pence’s status as an “emergency worker” in support of his campaign.

White House Chief of Staff said multiple senior aides to Pence also tested positive for COVID-19.

The U.S. recorded the highest number of new COVID-19 cases in the last two days – 84,000 on Friday and 79,900 on Saturday, according to estimates from Johns Hopkins University. This pandemic that killed approximately 225,000 people in America and left millions of Americans unemployed was at the forefront and center of the presidential race.

With nine days to go before the November 3 election, which will see Biden face the Republican presidency, more people cast ballots than those who voted or abstained earlier in the 2016 race in this year’s presidential election. The introduction of individual early voting in large states has led to an increase in voting in recent days.

Trump addressed a rally at an airport in New Hampshire as Pence campaigned in North Carolina later Sunday.

Despite the rise of the coronavirus novel in many parts of the country, Trump said with a rally: “There is no country in the world that has recovered as much as we have.

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U.S. Vice President Mike Pence addressed a rally of supporters in Tallahassee, Flalo on Saturday. Several senior aides to Pence, including his chief of staff, tested positive for Kovid-19, but he continued to campaign. (Steve Conan / Associated Press)

“We’m coming around, we’ve turning around, we’ve had vaccines, we ‘have had everything. We’ll turn around, even without vaccines,” Trump told enthusiastic supporters, noting that many do not wear protective masks or observe physical distance. “It’s going to end. And do you know who got it? I did. Can you believe it?”

Although many COVID-19 vaccines are being developed, none have been approved for use in the United States.

“We are not going to control the pandemic, we are going to control the fact that we will get vaccinations, treatments and other mitigation areas,” White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows told CNN. Union State Program.

In a statement released by his campaign, Biden captured those comments, saying Meadows “wonderfully acknowledged this morning that the administration has also given up trying to control the epidemic and that they have given up their primary duty to protect the American people.”

“It’s not a slip made by Meadows, it’s clearly acknowledging what President Trump’s strategy has been from the beginning of this crisis: by waving the white flag of defeat and ignoring it, we hope the virus will simply go away, and it will not happen,” Biden said.

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Donald Trump casts his ballot in Florida before heading to rallies. 4:04

The prevalence among Pence aides has identified the latest White House COVID-19 cases, including Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, their son, Baron, and several aides and associates. The president was hospitalized three nights this month after the COVID-19 was signed.

New epidemics have underestimated public health experts’ advice that Trump and his allies should wear masks and follow physical-distance guidelines to counter COVID-19 transmission.

Trump will go to Maine

Trump will also campaign in Maine on Sunday. There were no campaigns for Biden on Sunday. He takes the lead in the national referendum, but the rivalries in the battlefield states that determine the outcome look close. About 58.8 million voters have already cast ballots.

Meadows told reporters that White House doctors had cleared the pens to travel after the short test positive. Pence will address rallies in Kinston, NC, next Sunday and in Hibbing, Min.,. Meadows said Pence will continue to campaign and speak at rallies.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden left Joseph on Sunday for Brandiwine Roman Catholic Church in Wilmington, Delhi. (Andrew Hornick / The Associated Press)

The vice president’s spokesman said late Saturday that Pence and his wife had undergone negative tests.

When asked why Pence did not follow the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for quarantine for 14 days after such revelations, Meadows called the vice president’s position “necessary staff” on Sunday.

The CDC guideline states: “To ensure the continuation of the required work activities, the CVC advises that critical infrastructure workers be allowed to continue work after potential exposure to COVID-19. .

‘He must follow the guidelines’

Explaining why people attending rallies for the Trump campaign do not need to wear masks, Meadows said the campaign gave masks to those who attended, but “we live in a free society.”

Biden’s colleague, Sen Kamala Harris, set out on a four – day campaign this month after an aide tested positive for COVID – 19.

Speaking in Detroit, Harris criticized Pence for continuing the journey: “He must follow the guidelines.”

Trump mocked Biden for wearing a protective mask.

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U.S. political scientist Cal Jillson said up to 60% of the total vote could be cast before Election Day on November 3. 6:38

Dr. Sandra Nelson, an infectious disease specialist at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, said pens are at risk of infection and infection.

“Because most of the members on his office test were positive, it was considered a work-based cluster. Whenever there was a cluster like this, I would advise shifting the entire office to remote work for 14 days,” Nelson said.