June 7, 2023

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Former U.S. Homeland Security Chief of Staff calls Trump ‘anonymous’

Former U.S. Homeland Security Chief of Staff calls Trump 'anonymous'

The former Trump administration official who wrote the anti-Trump Op-Ed and book titled “Anonymous” revealed himself as the former Chief of Staff in the U.S. Homeland Security Department on Wednesday.

In a tweet six days before the November 3 election, official Miles Taylor said US President Donald Trump was a “characterless man” and that “it was time for everyone to get out of the shadows.”

In recent months Taylor has been openly critical of Taylor and has repeatedly denied that he is a columnist – even to colleagues on CNN, where he has a contributor contract. He left the Trump administration in June 2019 and approved Democrat Joe Biden for the presidency last summer.

Trump and White House officials described Taylor as a low-profile, reputable man.

“This guy is a low-level loyalist I don’t know. I don’t know who he is. I saw him on television a while ago,” Trump told a campaign rally audience in Arizona. He downplayed Taylor as a “sleevebag” and called for his prosecution, with the audience enthusiastically chanting “drain that swamp”.

Taylor with then Homeland Security Secretary Kirsten Jan Nielsen in March 2018. (Tim Gadby / Department of Homeland Security by Associated Press)

But as DHS chief of staff, Taylor has been in several White House meetings with the president on his border policy and other major homeland security issues. During Taylor’s Chief of Staff, Trump threatened to close the southern border, and his administration developed a policy of forcing refugees to wait across the U.S. – Mexico border.

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows tweeted Taylor’s revelation as “a monumental embarrassment” and said, “I saw even more exciting revelations in the Scooby-Doo episodes.”

The New York Times published Taylor’s anonymous article in 2018, provoking the president and launching a White House leak investigation to try to unravel the author.

In that article, the man, who identified himself only as a senior administration official at the time, said they were part of a secret “resistance” force to counter Trump’s “misleading motivations” and undermine certain parts of his agenda.

“Many Trump appointments have pledged to do what we can to protect our democratic institutions, thwarting further misleading motivations until Mr. Trump steps down,” the article read.

These allegations provoked the president, reinforcing his allegations about the “deep state” operating in his government and conspiring against him.

It launched a game-back game that entered the White House, trading current and former staff calls and texts, trying to figure out who could write this piece.

Trump’s campaign press secretary on Wednesday called Taylor’s revelation “always impressive, dull political ‘revelation.

Hogan Gidley said in a statement that Taylor “loved until he realized that he could try to make money by attacking President Trump.”

Trump, who has long complained about leaks in the White House, cited “national security” concerns to justify a Justice Department investigation and ordered aides to open the author. And he issued an extraordinary demand to expose the newspaper author.

Taylor’s Op-Ed claims he is one of a group of ‘resistors’ working to reduce Trump’s decisions for the good of the country. (Kevin Lamarck / Reuters)

Taylor lied to CNN

Instead, the author pushed forward, writing a follow-up book published last November. Warning, Which continued to paint a disturbing picture of the President, describing him as unstable, incompetent and disqualified as Commander-in-Chief.

To some extent, during and after the impeachment trial, he was publicly denounced by other former government officials for attaching Trump’s behavior to their names.

Taylor’s behavior leaves questions for CNN. In August, the network’s Anderson Cooper asked him directly “anonymously” and replied: “I’m wearing a mask for two things: Anderson: Halloween and pandemics. So, no.”

CNN National Security Correspondent Josh Campbell tweeted that he had even asked Taylor “anonymous” and said no.

CNN says Taylor will continue to be a collaborator.

The anti-trumper criticized Taylor

In an article published on medium.com on Wednesday, Taylor said he published the Op-Ed and the book anonymously because he wanted to focus on who was writing the arguments.

“We got the answer,” he wrote. “He was stunned. And the thoughts were standing on their own two feet.”

“He purged a lot of people anyway,” Taylor said, adding that the country would no longer rely on the authorities to lead Trump in the right direction.

“He does not deserve a second term in office, and we do not deserve to live through it,” he wrote.

Reid Galen Taylor, a former Republican consultant and one of the founders of the anti-Trump group The Lincoln Project, tweeted that he was “not a hero.” He said: “He sat in those rooms, on that council, and allowed the mediocrity of evil to work …. Heroism is not silence, it is conducive to standing up and personally beneficial.”

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