July 3, 2022

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The Children’s Soccer Club takes over the security agency after parents expressed outrage against the COVID-19 regulations

The Children’s Soccer Club takes over the security agency after parents expressed outrage against the COVID-19 regulations

The Children’s Soccer Club in Chilliwack, BC, has hired a private security firm to oversee its games, saying family members are dissatisfied with contact tracing and limited group sizes are starting to get sidetracked.

Chilliwack FC issued a notice to parents on Tuesday night, saying it would turn violent to the point where workers fear increased abuse and misconduct towards club staff.

“They were very abusive, verbally,” club chair Andrea Lecock said of some of the player’s family members. “Fortunately, there is nothing physical yet, but if we look at the vibrations and frustrations that people have, we can see that it is increasing.”

The club runs a partial fall season for children between the ages of four and nine. The club has hired its own team of contact tracers to take audience information when they arrive, so they can send information to regional health officials in case of outbreaks.

Leacock said some family members exploded for asking for their information.

“People come to the contact tracers table and say, ‘I’m sleeping well, I do not need it, you do not need my information.’

“They roll their eyes, they yell, ‘This is ridiculous,’ and they yell.”

According to the approved health and safety plan, spectators are asked to wear a mask when walking through narrow entry and exit points. Game-day groups are limited to just one family member per player.

When we say “Unfortunately, we are in our capacity, we can not let you in”. … Of course, it will increase, “Lecock said.

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Adults may be barred from the field

The club hired a private security company earlier this month to “wipe out the area” periodically, checking to see if there were any disturbances from the family while the children were playing on the weekends. Contact tracers can call security if they need help.

No one was expelled from the game for their behavior, but the staff felt that it was not too far away.

“None of our next step is to let any of us go, and that will ban parents from the field,” Leacock said. “‘Okay parents, you can not behave, it’s time to stay home.’ “

“We understand and sympathize that this is very difficult for people. This is new to all of us. But again, this is not a reason for people to behave badly.”

Chilliwack is part of the Fraser Health Area, where new COVID-19 cases are on the rise at a rate higher than anywhere else in BC. Of the more than 800 new cases reported over the weekend, 80 percent came from the region, less than 40 percent of the regional population despite accounting.

Referring to contact tracing, LeCock continued, “This is our only step towards these people.” “God forbid anything should happen. We need to be able to provide the authorities with the information they need.”

The numbers in the nonprofit club are emotional and financial.

“This has been the most challenging for our executive so far,” Leacock said. “Our biggest fear is – with all that is happening, as the numbers grow – we’m not going to have kids on the field … and everyone needs a sport.”

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