May 28, 2022

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Trump admin secretly pushing herd immunity COVID-19 strategy: report

Trump admin secretly pushing herd immunity COVID-19 strategy: report
  • It is reported that the White House is still pressuring herd immunity police to tackle the COVID-19 epidemic. The Daily Beast Reported.
  • Public health officials have repeatedly said the policy will cost thousands of unnecessary infections and deaths.
  • Herd immunity means that it reduces transmission when the population is immune to the virus.
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Three officials in President Donald Trump’s White House have said that despite the administration’s public condemnation, the COVID-19 epidemic is actually bringing a herd immunity strategy, but it could unnecessarily kill thousands of Americans. The Daily Beast Reported.

Despite warnings from public health professionals and doctors that the strategy could lead to more people dying of illness, three senior health officials told the Daily Beast.

Public health officials have repeatedly said the herd immunization policy is dangerous and catastrophic.

“This is very wrong,” said Mark Lipsich, an epidemiologist at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health. On Twitter Monday day. “Herd immunity is not a strategy or a solution. It succumbs to a preventable virus.”

While the administration is careful not to use the term “herd immunity”, one source told The Daily Beast‌ that their policy efforts are focused on the idea of ​​protecting vulnerable Americans, while all others are vulnerable and vulnerable to infection.

Earlier this summer, neuroradiologist and top pandemic consultant Dr. Scott Atlas It is understood that Sweden has come up with a strategy similar to the one initially implemented before the vaccine became available.

Herd immunity means that enough people in the population who are immune from the virus will reduce the transmission rate. One way to achieve this is through vaccinations. A large percentage of the population must be immunized before this can be achieved.

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Johns Hopkins University estimates that 9 million Americans have been infected so far and 227,000 have died from COVID-19.

Atlas has since stated that herd immunity is not the approach the White House is examining.

“As we have specifically stated many times in the record and in print, we strongly condemn the White House, the President, the administration, or anyone advising the President for adopting or arguing any strategy to achieve herd immunity by allowing coronavirus infection. It has spread in the community,” Atlas told the Daily Beast. “It has never been advised to the President or become part of any policy of the President.”

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