March 24, 2023

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Centrist House Democrats are cracking down on liberal colleagues, blaming too many leftist views on the cost of party seats

Centrist House Democrats are cracking down on liberal colleagues, blaming too many leftist views on the cost of party seats

Party leaders are determined that Trump’s partition and mismanagement of the epidemic will help expand their majority with victories in GOP – controlled districts – yet they have lost at least half a seat and failed to regain the Senate. According to multiple people who called and spoke on the anonymous situation, the explanation given by the centrist was that Republicans could easily portray them all as socialists and radical leftists who accept very leftist positions such as deceiving the police. .

We should never use the word “socialist” or “socialism” again. . . . That is why we have lost good members, “said Republican Abigail Spenberger (D-Va.), Who is narrowly ahead in her re-election bid. Said hot. “If we succeed on Tuesday … we will be torn apart in 2022.”

Other centrists, including Republican Mark VC of Texas, have made similar points. Debbie Mukersel-Powell, a Florida Democrat spokeswoman who suffered the brunt of the loss to the Republican Challenger, argued in tears that the party needed to end its feud over Twitter.

The Liberals, meanwhile, fired back. Republican Progressive Caucus co-chair Republican Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) Argues that Democrats should not isolate individuals and ideas that strengthen the party base. Democrat Socialist Rashida Talib (D-Mitch) grew angry and accused her colleagues of being only interested in appealing to whites in the suburbs.

“To be honest, it feels like you’re telling me to stop pushing for what blacks want,” she said.

Democrats have the smallest majority in 18 years, reducing the credibility of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (de-Calif.). The anger over Thursday’s call is even more apparent as the party faces the tough task of uniting to pass the law.

During the call, Pelosi tried to reassure her members that the election was not as bad as it looked. She estimates that 70 percent of the 30 Trump-carrying districts they won in 2018 will be captured by Democrats – who will take over the White House.

“We held the House. Joe Biden is on a clear path as the next president of the United States,” she said. “We have not won every war, but we have won the war.”

Pelosi also hopes to gain control of the Senate, suggesting two runoffs where Democrats in Georgia are serious underdogs. Majority Whip James e. Clyburn (DS.C.), however, warned that if Democrats cheated the police by walking on social medicine, we would “not win” those races.

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In the wake of their unexpected losses, Democrats argued that the party needed to come up with a bigger problem: Republicans successfully portrayed the most vulnerable Democrats as “socialists” and linked them to Medicare-for-All, The Liberal ideas. Green New Deal and cutting police budgets.

Although Biden, the House Democratic leadership and many members rejected calls to “kidnap the police,” it lost on the attack statements.

Attacks, moderates have warned, have proven to be important and powerful – and Democrats must now find a way to address them.

“Democrats’ message is terrible; it does not resonate,” Republican Kurt Schroeder (D-Ore), a member of the Blue Dog Alliance, said in an interview. [voters] Look to the left, which attracts the attention of all the news media, they are afraid. They are very afraid that it will become a supernatural state, and their ability to do things on their own will be taken away. ”

The game of blame extends beyond the Liberal members. Many moderate Democrats have said in interviews that an agreement should be reached with the Pelosi Trump administration. Corona virus Relief package. Many moderates have pushed her to compromise because the Democratic leadership is unwilling to give Trump a legislative victory before the election.

Pelosi said he was being held for a good deal and that politics had nothing to do with it. She argues that Trump does not support policies that meet the needs of voters – but for centrists, there is no need to say that.

“It looked like abstractionists instead of the challenge the country needed,” one legislator said, speaking on condition of anonymity to make it clear. “It simply came to our notice then. ‘I’m ready to deal, make it big!’ And Pelosi interrupted. “

Republican Cherie Bastos (D-IL), chairwoman of the Democratic Congress campaign committee that almost lost her seat, is also facing anger from members. In the call, Bastos defended his operation, arguing that Republicans “had to spend tens of millions of dollars for deeper defense into their territory in Arkansas, Montana, Alaska, Missouri, Indiana, Western North Carolina and more.” But she also gave sympathy.

“I also want to say what we all feel: I ‘m angry,” she said. “Something went wrong here in the political world as a whole. Our elections, the Senate polls, the Gove polls, the presidential polls, the Republican polls, the public polls, the turnout modeling and the prognosticators all point to a political climate – that climate has never materialized.”

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She added: “I need answers, and my team is already planning how we can go and get those answers. I look forward to talking to you.”

Privately, Democrats have made the answer clear in interviews over the past two days. In recent years the party has moved further to the left, with some members embracing such liberal ideas Free college, Green New Deal, removes Senate filibuster and Adding judges To the Supreme Court. Although Pelosi and DCC have worked hard to stay away from those ideas and not move forward, the House’s rank and file support many of these policies. At home.

At the same time, one member said 130 House Democrats were primarily opposed to the cycle, with organizations such as Justice Democrats defeating founding Democrats and demanding that members who were not liberal enough be punished.

“Unfortunately there is no doubt that this is a huge albatross in the neck of our candidates. They have unfortunately gone downhill,” said one legislator who spoke on condition of anonymity to explain the private talks. “There has to be a count in our ranks about this, because most Justice Democrats don’t swear about the Democratic Party… It’s all about purity and orthodoxy, which is undermining our chances.”

In response, Alexandra Rojas, executive director of Justice Democrats, blamed the House Democrats for their failures.

“They had a job and they blew it up,” she said in a statement for the story. “We need a Democratic party that stands for something more than opposition to Trump.”

Disappointment was evident during Thursday’s call about how the moderates who won in the Trump districts were using some language on the left – the word “socialism” – causing problems with those in Central America. But Jaipal, who speaks for many members of the Progressive Caucus, argued that Democrats voted the highest in years in urban areas.

The Democrats lost in 2016, she continued, because they did not change base.

Centurion Republican Conor Lamb (D-PA), who won his seat on election day, however, agreed with Spanberger.

“Sponberger is talking about something that many of us are feeling today: we pay the price for these professional and unrealistic comments about many issues, whether it’s about the police or shale gas,” Lamb said. “These issues are very common. We can not tolerate talking about the people we represent so generally.”

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Some liberals also agreed with their moderate colleagues that the language adopted by the Left should change. Republican Jared Huffman (de-Calif.), A member of the Progressive Caucus that supports universal health care, called on the party to stop using the term “socialist” altogether.

“I think the Republicans got some traction to scare people on this ‘socialist narrative’… It’s a clever play from them,” he said in an interview. “These labels distract us and divide us in unfortunate ways. . . . What does it mean to adopt such a phrase? All you have to do is feed these fears and fake stories. ”

In the swing districts, Republicans have spent millions of dollars on advertising seeking to link Democrats to the “Defend the Police” movement. In New York, Republicans ran commercials showing Republican Max Rose (DN.Y.) joining the Black Lives Mater March to protest police brutality.

Rose opposes the movement to defraud the police, but accuses Republicans of inciting rage to extort money from police departments. According to the Associated Press, Rose is trailing his Republican opponent by more than 15 percentage points, winning 95 percent of the vote.

A similar thing happened to Anthony Brindisi of the Republic of Upstate New York. “Cop Hater,” the Republican attack statement said of him after joining the protest for equality in criminal justice. According to the Associated Press, Brindisi dropped more than 10 points as she tried to fight the charges despite not being called to her race.

The significance of the “socialist” message may be that it is a place where both parties agree. Republicans at multiple news conferences and conversations with reporters this week cited Democrats going to the left for their unexpected misfortunes.

“Democrats have lost these races because you can’t overcome silly and dangerous ideas like cheating the police, eliminating Medicare and hundreds of Texas energy jobs for everyone,” said Republican-led Rep. Kevin Brady (Tex). House Ways and Means Committee.