March 31, 2023

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Alberta is preparing to introduce more sanctions as COVID cases increase

Alberta is preparing to introduce more sanctions as COVID cases increase

The Alberta government has new restrictions on the province as it looks to record-breaking COVID-19 numbers.

These limitations may include capacity restrictions on worship services and high-risk activities such as fitness classes. There may also be minor changes to businesses such as reduced capacity or working hours.

Despite the recent increase in COVID-19 cases, the possible changes are significant as Alberta Premier Jason Kenny rejects tough sanctions. Kenny instead demanded “personal responsibility,” including ongoing parties and social gatherings in homes.

The two officials told CBC News that a cabinet meeting was held on Wednesday to discuss the options on the table, and that the chief medical officer would announce the measures at a news conference on Thursday. Those new rules are not yet finalized.

Authorities have no authority to speak publicly about the changes, so CBC News has agreed not to name them.

The changes are consistent with what the Premier message has been for the past few weeks, with only modest and objective actions.

An official said business closures would not be announced as the options under consideration were more focused on social gatherings and large crowded venues.

Both government officials said the new measures were not a lockdown, and even Premier terminology resisted.

“We have seen other jurisdictions enforce massive lockdowns, indiscriminately violating people’s rights and destroying livelihoods,” Kenny said last Friday. “No one wants that to happen here in Alberta.”

Kenny said he could not rule out new actions if the cases skyrocketed.

This week Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pleaded with Canada’s premiers and mayors “Do a good job” And bring appropriate COVID-19 restrictions to their areas.

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The team of Alberta physicians also sent a letter to the Premier and Chief Medical Officer Short two week “circuit breaker” lockdown For the Province.

Alberta, which has the highest number of hospitalizations ever during the pandemic, recorded COVID-19 figures last week.

Both Premier and Dr Deena Hinsha warned that if the numbers did not decrease, the hospital system would be in danger. 900 new cases were reported on Saturday.