June 5, 2023

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Nenshi, City Emergency Chief Question Province’s COVID-19 strategy

Nenshi, City Emergency Chief Question Province's COVID-19 strategy

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Premier said he would go further in locking up businesses such as bars and restaurants, insisting that less than one percent of the virus spread could be detected, although a large percentage did not know the source of the infections.

“I do not think it’s unreasonable for people to stop these types of meetings for the time being.

Kenny reiterated that the province is determined to protect the health of Albertans with shielding businesses already under pressure from the pandemic.

Nenshi said the city does not have the authority to enforce the newly announced sanctions.

Sampson said a letter had been drafted to the province seeking those powers, but those in interim city enforcement would enforce the restrictions “if it was intentional and intentional.”

Alberta Health spokesman Tom Macmillan said the orders issued by the health department’s chief medical officer could be enforced by any police agency and that Baila officers could support them. Alberta Health Services can also file complaints.

“The first focus is on public education and working with employers / operators before going into action,” Macmillan said in a statement.

Nenshi said the city wants to partner with the province to ensure that more contact tracers are working in Calgary to break the chain of infections.

“The first thing we can do is massively increase contact tracing,” he said.

On Thursday, Health Minister Tyler Shandro said the province was trying to add 425 contact tracers to the 800 people currently working across the province.

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