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How to find bounty tracks and location – HITC

How to find bounty tracks and location - HITC

Genesin Impact received Version 1.1 has added some new characters plus a reputation system. It also added ounts to help you find and defeat an enemy that has a certain amount of stars, which indicates its difficulty. Here you will find a bounty guide that covers everything you need to know about how to find bounty tracks so you can locate the target.

Newly added The Glory System in Genshine Impact delivers rewards, And you must be at least Adventure Rank 25 to unlock this new feature. Reputations are divided between the cities of Mondstadt and Liu and the ways you can enhance your reputation include completing regional explorations, exploring the world and completing requests for local NPCs.

However, there are also bounties that will enhance your reputation and below you will find a guide on how to find bounty tracks.

How to Get Bounties in Gene Shine Impact

You will receive the latest gifts at Genshine Impact every Monday.

It is only possible to get and complete three bounties a week in Genshine Impact‌ and you will find them in Mondstadt and Liu.

If you need an adventure rank of 25 to unlock the glory system, you must also complete Mondstadt Quest, The Outlander Who Catch the Wind, and Liu Quest, Farewell, Arch Lord.

If you have completed both quests, you can get prizes in Mondstad‌ by talking to the lovely Hertha, while Liu you need to talk to Mrs. Yu.

By speaking the letters above, you will be offered three ounts to enhance your prestige in that city.

Keep in mind that these challenges range from three stars to five in relation to difficulty and that you can only complete three ounts per week.

How to find ount lead position and tracks in Jenshin Impact

Travel to the big yellow circle to find the blessed place and tracks in Jenshin Impact.

Once you have traveled to the location of the yellow circle, you can find ount lead tracks in Jenshin Impact by using Elemental Focus.

Using Elemental Focus brings up the blue air that guides you to the three tracks you need to extract.

The clues you need to find can be an enemy or an object, so follow the blue power lines to find all three in ten minutes.

Once you find three tracks, you can find the ount thread in the designated yellow circle.

Bounties arose under the Geneshine Impact

Bounties have arisen in the Genshine Impact because you could not find the three tracks.

Venturing to the location of the yellow circle is not enough to spawn the bounty and appear in Jenshin Impactక్, you also need to find three tracks in ten minutes.

Once you find the clues, the enemy will appear and you can defeat it to claim your rewards.

Genshine Impact is available on PS4, PC and mobile.

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