March 21, 2023

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Mandolorian Episode 4 Revealed … The man wearing the t-shirt and jeans?

Mandolorian Episode 4 Revealed ... The man wearing the t-shirt and jeans?

Take a closer look at the far left corner of this photo, and see if you can spot what appears to be a Mandolorian staff in a t-shirt and jeans.

Disney Plus

Armor is an important part of Disney Plus’ The Mandolorian. But in New episode on Friday, No one wears their armor – or any clothing. In one battle scene, a member of the crew wearing a T-shirt and jeans appears at the hands of Carl Weathers, who plays Grief Car and directs the episode.

Goof appears for me at about 18:54 – the guards “Destroy it!” And then look to the left of the screen to see what looks like a staff with a gray t-shirt, jeans and a dark watch that looks very much on his wrist, flattening itself against the wall.

As Grief Carga, Cara Dune and Mando Shot get closer, you see a little more crew. The shot then cuts back to the guard, and when it is cut back to the main characters, the crew member disappears.

In a boon to reporters writing about Goof, the quick scene showing the crew was actually one of the promotional shots distributed by Disney Plus for that episode. Oops, and, thank you.

A Disney Plus spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

People were quick to compare the obvious goof with the infamous Game of Thrones scene that now appears, here it appears A Starbucks reusable coffee cup appears on the table next to the diners (Emilia Clark). But Entertainment Weekly points out It’s actually very similar to a scene from 1981’s Riders of the Lost Arc, which also features the crew usually dressed in one scene.

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