March 25, 2023

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Kylie Moore-Gilbert: British-Australian educator liberated by Iran

Kylie Moore-Gilbert: British-Australian educator liberated by Iran
Moore-Gilbert, a lecturer on Middle Eastern studies at the University of Melbourne, has been detained in Iran since 2018. The 33-year-old was convicted in the Go ion action case last year and 10 years in prison.

In a statement, Moore-Gilbert described the past two years and three months as a “long and painful test”, thanking the Australian leadership and others who campaigned for his freedom.

Despite her injustice, she said her departure from Iran was “sweet and bitter”.

“I have nothing but respect, love and admiration for Iran’s great country and its heartfelt, generous and courageous people,” Moore-Gilbert said in a statement issued by the Australian government.

“I came to Iran as a friend and with a friendly intention. I left Iran with those sentiments.

The Iranian government-backed news agency Young Journalist Club (YJC) reported that she had been released as part of a prisoner exchange for three Iranian businessmen abroad who are accused of evading US sanctions on Iran. The agency did not disclose the identities of those released.

The appearance of Moore-Gilbert release as a diplomatic broker raises hopes for the family of dual UK-Iranian nationals. Najanin Jaghari-Ratcliffe, She has been kept in Iran since 2016. The charity, which has been constantly protesting her innocence, is now nearing the end of its original five-year sentence.
In a Press conference On Thursday, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison called the release of Moore-Gilbert a “miracle”.

“I always believe in miracles and I’m thankful for this too. To see Kylie come home,” Morrison said.

“She is an extraordinarily intelligent, strong and courageous woman. She is an amazing Australian, she went through a fiery test we can imagine,” he said.

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Morrison spoke with Moore-Gilbert on Thursday, and she appeared to be “in very good spirits.” But he acknowledged that it was a “tough transition” to return home and pledged “excellent support” from the Australian government.

Australian Foreign Minister Maurice Payne a Advertising She was “very happy and relieved” to see Moore-Gilbert’s release.

“The Australian government has consistently denied the allegations that the Iranian government arrested, detained and convicted Dr. Moore-Gilbert. We continue to do so,” she said.

An academic prison

Moore-Gilbert holds dual British and Australian citizenship and is a fellow and lecturer in Islamic Studies focusing on politics in the Arab Gulf states, according to her biography on the University of Melbourne website.

She graduated from Cambridge University in 2013 and completed her PhD at the University of Melbourne four years later, the website said. She was in Iran in 2018 to start a course in the city of Kom when she was detained, according to the Australian State Broadcaster ABC.

In 2019, Iranian judiciary spokesman Gholam Hossain said Esmaili Moore-Gilbert was “gooing for another country.” A source close to the matter told CNN that Moore-Gilbert had already been tried and sentenced to ten years in prison.

Last Christmas, Moore-Gilbert and Iranian-born French educator Dr Fariba Adelkha were imprisoned in Evin, where they began a hunger strike together in the name of “freedom of education”, according to a joint public letter they wrote to the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI).

“We will strike on behalf of all academics and researchers across Iran and the Middle East, who, like us, have been unjustly imprisoned on Trump charges and are doing their job as researchers,” the two women wrote. “We are not only asking for our immediate freedom, but for seeking justice for countless, thousands, unnamed and unforgettable men and women who have suffered a worse fate and are imprisoned in Iran.

In July, Moore-Gilbert Transferred From Tehran’s Evin prison to the Karchak women’s prison east of the capital, it is notorious for human rights abuses.
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CNN’s Jesse Young contributed to the story.