May 18, 2022

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The new MacBook Pro is having another awkward issue

The new MacBook Pro is having another awkward issue

New Apple Thanks to Silicon Max benchmarks and performance New ARM-based M1 processor, But Apple’s next generation hardware is not bullet proof, as some owners have found. Following from The reports of the new Max are ‘breaking’ themselves Problems have been reported around Bluetooth while trying to reboot into a clean install.

Taken by the respective Reddit communities, some users who have purchased new hardware (updated) MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Or Mac Mini Machines) are experiencing ongoing Bluetooth connectivity issues:

“However whenever I reboot the machine, I can not log in because the keyboard and mouse are not connected. Using the wired keyboard allows me to log in, and then the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse start working again.” (Link)

“Apple Magic Trackpad 2 is losing connection more than 10 times an hour. Problems with the Magic Keyboard too … it’s not funny. I switched to an old Apple keyboard mouse via USB. ”(Link)

“My Logitech M720 triathlon mouse does not connect via my M1 Mini and MacBook Air Bluetooth. It shows up, and I click Connect, and it glows between connected and not connected and finally the” Connect “button for me. It never connects. ”(Link).

“I can confirm that I’m getting a little weird on the Bluetooth connection, mostly with my magic mouse. The keyboard feels relatively okay (magic keyboard?). (Link).

This is not the first update to a Mac that has problems with Bluetooth. Previous updates to MacOS have caused problems (1, 2, 3, 4). Apple monitors crash reports and user feedback as usual. With The first update to Big Sur is currently in public beta, Bluetooth issue up to Makos 11.1 is fixed in the bump.

Now read more about the issues with resetting Apple’s new M1 powered Macs …

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