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Days of Our Lives Spoilers November 30 – December 11, 2020

Days of Our Lives Spoilers November 30 - December 11, 2020

We have the latest Days of our lives Spoilers two weeks before November 30, Monday through December 11th. An affair unfolds, confusing duo teams, lies are told, a woman reveals herself and more

Days of our lives November 30 Spoilers Week:

This week Soaps spoiler digest, trapping between sheets, disrupting envy And there are new spoilers for all four soaps, including an unexpected honeymoon twist Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital And Young and the restless.

Days of our lives Spoilers for Monday, November 30:

In Monday Days Recap, Jake admitted his feelings towards Kate, Gabby decides to leave town, and Charlie and Claire make a decision about their relationship.

Gabby wanted her to go back to Salem and at no time was flat, Jake was not eating out of her hand. Unfortunately, she found out that he was not exactly hungry when she was not there. Now that she knew about his secret flirtation with Jake, how did she respond and, more importantly, did she decide to take their private affair publicly?

Rafe came home to find out that Hope had become very terrible, including the fact that he had left Salem. Need more details, he turns to Roman for the newest.

John was in a little hot water, thanks to the throat-piss-John thing that tried all that. Can Belle help him get out of trouble?

Charlie and Claire continue the bond. (Apparently, seeing everything that came down to the wedding couldn’t drive him away!)

Days of our lives Spoilers for Tuesday December 1:

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Charlie and Claire are getting closer every day, so he was not particularly surprised by her close friendship with Ben. Whether that guy is the former serial killer or Burnin ‘Burnin”s a miserable harsh hunk of love, we’re not sure, but Charlie is certainly not happy about their intimacy.

Remember the old ad when someone said, “If you want to get someone’s attention, whisper”? Well, Bonnie and Jennifer ignore that advice and instead decide to make Jack and Justin jealous.

Gender visits Kristen, “Mystery Woman”, who recently returned from a prison visit, hoping she would tell him more about Mrs. Van de Camp. Does Kristen reveal that the woman in question is actually Ava? Meanwhile, Sarah takes a different talk with a similar goal, as she tries to open up about the time when Philip is away from Salem.

Days of our lives Wednesday, December 2 Spoilers:

When Sarah Xander tells them to break up, is she serious… or is it part of their conspiracy to deceive Philip into trying to expose his evil ways?

As the war between Philip and Xander heats up, Charlie finds himself trapped between his struggling superiors. (Hopefully the smoothies will be thrown away at this point.)

The last thing Alli needs is disturbing news, but she receives it today. Meanwhile, the alley / trip situation leads to another argument for Steve and Kyla. Can their relationship withstand this confusion?

Days of our lives Thursday, December 3 Spoilers:

When Alli is frustrated, her mother decides to take a page from Sami’s playbook. (Apparently, she failed to read part of the book, which shows that Sami’s plot almost inevitably exploded in her face.)

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When Steve and Lucas cross the paths, things get very tense. Will Trip and Alli’s dads actually come to blows?

Eli and Lani hit a tough patch, and she might have booted him out of their apartment, but that didn’t mean he was going to be there for an important moment.

Philip reflects a little on the sexual mistakes he has made recently, and especially how he was pushed away because he could not measure other women up to Belle. But today, Lolo returns to Salem and we can’t expect these two crazy kids to go back to each other.

Days of our lives Friday 4th December Spoilers:

Ava has been low since infiltrating back into Salem. But today, she finally reunites with her son Trip. What pushes her to get out of the shadows? And will her son be happy to know that the rumors of his mother’s death are too exaggerated?

How does Steve react when Kayla insists on going on the trip?

She needs to know what has happened since she was last in Salem, spending some time with Brady in the lol. (Hope Kristen doesn’t find it here, ‘We suspect she’s not thrilled.)

Sarah has to think fast after Philip finds her stabbing where she shouldn’t be.

Days of our lives December 7 Spoilers Week:

Days of our lives Spoilers for Monday, December 7:

Nicole is positively surprised to hear the news that Alli has to share.

Days of our lives Spoilers for Tuesday, December 8:

Gwen can only be described as a major hissie fit today. Even if we don’t know what caused it, we can’t wait to see the troubled Brit melt away.

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Days of our lives Wednesday, December 9 Spoilers:

When Kyla feels that her life will not be more complicated, she meets Ava usually and makes herself at home!

Days of our lives Thursday, December 10 Spoilers:

With Ava alive and well and coming under Kayla’s skin, it comes as no surprise that Steve and his sweetheart visit their son Joey, who is serving a prison sentence. After all, if Ava is alive, he should not be behind bars for killing her.

Days of our lives Friday 11 December Spoilers:

When Allie needs advice on how to make her next move, she turns to Kate.

How does Xander react when Charlie comes to him with a confession?

Get all the latest ones Days of our lives Departures and returns In one place!

– Richard Sims / Amy Mistretta