November 27, 2022

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Queen Elizabeth explodes for ‘day robbery’ as monarchy’s economy explodes

Queen Elizabeth explodes for 'day robbery' as monarchy's economy explodes
Queen Elizabeth accused of ‘day robbery’ for living a luxurious lifestyle on taxpayer money

Queen Elizabeth was in view of a severe storm, which erupted after her, and the rest of the royal family survived their high economic situation.

Citizens of the United Kingdom have accused the monarchy of ‘day robbery’ for living a luxurious lifestyle inside palaces over taxpayer money.

Republican campaigners are outraged at how the Crown Estate has been short of $ 20 million in money allocated for the 10-year renovation of Buckingham Palace after the Kovid-19 lockdown hit the economy.

The annual amount spent by royal houses on fancy trips, including travel, hospitality and property management, is reported to have increased by 4 2.4 million or four per cent this year!

Republican campaigner Graham Smith said it was a disgrace to the country!

“At a time when public sector jobs are being lost and services are being slashed, these figures are an insult to the Royals’ public money. There is no justification for spending more than a quarter of a million pounds on a trip to Africa or over $ 200,000 to travel to Oman,” he said.

“And they were all there. Thousands of pounds were spent on junkets for Anne and Andrew, so they could attend sports events. It’s not a public service, it’s a daytime robbery,” Smith said.

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