June 26, 2022

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Pence’s political future is clouded by Trump

Pence’s political future is clouded by Trump

“I’m not sure of the strength of the person who believed these suits would be successful (he spoke),” the friend told CNN.

This is a typical pose for the vice president: he plays the role of a dedicated soldier while clearly recognizing the most inflammatory rhetoric from his boss.

“Tightrope continues to walk,” said longtime Pence advisor. “He’s good, he’s always doing this.”

According to conversations with seven Republicans close to Pence, the vice president is committed to sticking for Trump. This is not only part of Pence’s credible attitude, it is also crucial to what sources say of Pence’s important ambitions to run for the presidency in 2024.

Pence and those around him have long hoped that he will be able to meet his evil and appoint him as Trump’s natural successor.

There is only one problem: Trump is not going anywhere. He The idea turned out Running in 2024 and raising hundreds of millions of dollars from the election, Some of them went to the new leadership PAC Trump was founded to fuel his future political ambitions.

According to those close to him, Pence is well aware that he has no way out of the White House, as long as he has toys with the idea of ​​Trump running again.

“It’s gone a long way over the last four years,” Pence’s adviser told CNN about the vice president’s consistent loyalty. “But Mike Pence has been running for four years and will decide on what the president wants to do.”

“He should work”

It is not entirely clear what Pence’s immediate plans will be after he leaves office – even where he will be living. For nearly eight years, Pence and his wife, Karen, have lived in government housing since he moved into the governor’s residence in Indianapolis in early 2013. The first order of business, his close friend, finds a permanent place to sleep at night.

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People close to Pence, who spoke to CNN, feel that going to Indiana is more likely than sticking around Washington. The vice president’s office declined to comment on the story.

Nearly 20 years after earning a government salary of six terms as a member of the U.S. Congress before serving four years as Governor of Indiana, Pence must have made some money.

“He needs to work,” said a senior Republican with White House knowledge.

Pence’s former spokesman Joan Thompson said he had choices about the Trump campaign.

“Many former presidents and vice presidents have written a book,” Thompson said. “He can make money through it. Maybe he’ll take a look at giving paid speeches.”

“He has certain choices for the work done by both former Democratic and Republican presidents and vice presidents.”

No matter what Trump decides to do, ెన్స్nes is also likely to continue to be an active Republican lawyer.

“He could tour the country for the next two years, make speeches, attend Republican events and fundraise, remain active and at a high level, but decide whether he wants to run,” Thompson said.

The way for 2024?

Vice President Mike Pence & quot;  Make America Great Again & quot;  Rally October 8, 2020 in Boulder City, Nevada.
The first 2024 GOP Presidential Cattle Call was that Republican National Committee Chair Rona McDaniel invited many White House hopefuls to the RNC’s January meeting in Florida, Politico first reported. Pence was also among those in attendance.

Despite being vice president, Pence is a dark horse for the 2024 nomination. Other Trump administration figures are Nicki Haley and Mike Pompey, and Senators Tom Cotton and Josh Haley, who have so far earned most of the White House sensation.

But some Republicans close to Pence said they prefer his path to the nomination.

“I think the vice president can do better because of his office,” Pence’s friend said. “And two, by being loyal to the program that most Republicans are passionate about but by bringing in a completely different personality and style of governance.”

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The current senior administration official praised Trump’s ability to broadcast in his own style.

“This is one of Mike’s greatest strengths,” the officer said.

While some Republicans say Trump is floating the idea privately, he is unlikely to run for a third term in four years.

“I don’t think the (pens) box will be in 2024,” said another senior Republican official.

The official warned that Trump was likely to blur and that Pence would benefit by patiently stating his time. For now, that means with Trump’s unsubstantiated claims that the 2020 election was rigged, and that he – at least clearly – remains out of fundraising.

Emails sent in Pence’s name focused on supporting Republicans or the ambiguous “Election Defense Task Force” in the Georgia runoffs. But the donors who give through these appeals through Pence Sending most of their money Trump pro-leadership PAC save America.
In the short term, at least, Pence is helping raise money for a reason to prolong Trump’s political career – at his own expense. Pence’s own PAC, the Great America Committee, has only $ 400,000 Its latest filing with the FEC. Trump saves America, at the same time, Already about 50,000 450,000 is in hand, Despite being just weeks old.

“He’s still going to have a small tool that will fund him to be still active,” Thompson said.

While another Trump president-run spectator is freezing the 2024 Republican presidency, Pence’s advisers say the vice president could benefit. Unlike other potential candidates, Pence does not need to introduce himself to the public or spend much of his time engaging in political activities.

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“Field freezing puts him in a different position than other potential candidates,” said a senior Trump administration official.

Are currently on the course

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence & quot;  Make America Great Again!  & Quot;  Campaign at Oakland County International Airport in Waterford, Michigan on October 22, 2020.

In the meantime, Pence has focused on official business during his 46 days in office.

On Wednesday, Pence flew to the Capitol for the Arizona Sen swearing-in, even though most of his schedule took place behind closed doors. Mark Kelly, a Democrat who won the Nov. 3 election – Trump has reduced allegations of fraud in the state.

On Thursday, Pence traveled to Memphis, Tennessee, for a roundtable discussion on vaccine development and distribution. And earlier this week, he chaired a coronavirus task force meeting and spoke with governors about the serious epidemic.

On Friday, Pence made his second trip in support of both GOP Senate candidates, David Perdue and Kelly Loughfler, in Georgia, following a bus tour and multiple rallies last month.

Pence spoke Friday before being considered a unity rally in Savannah, although both Loughfler and Government Brian Kemp were not present because Loughfler staff died in an accident the day before.

In his remarks in Savannah, Pence referred to the president’s arguments, but focused on the need for Republican voters to go to the polls.

“I know we all had our doubts about the last election. I heard some people say don’t vote. My fellow Americans, if you don’t vote they will win,” Pence said. “We can fight for our president and at the same time fight for more Republicans in the Senate.”

This is a preview of armchair activist Pence’s post:

“Interim elections, off-year elections, dog catcher elections,” Pence’s friend said. “It’s back in the rubber-chicken circuit.”

The story was contributed by CNN’s Jamie Gangl.