May 20, 2022

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Two surprising trick plays called Browns vs. Titans were released

Two surprising trick plays called Browns vs. Titans were released

The Cleveland Browns have not been afraid to pull out their bag tricks this season.

The first trick play they dialed Sunday against the Tennessee Titans took a rare advantage. The second is some good, old-fashioned big man fun.

In the first, Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield lined up at shotgun on the third and 2nd, immediately handing the ball to Nick Chub. But Jarvis Laundry spun back into the backfield and took the pitch from Chubb, hitting … Mayfield in a very difficult catch – the first catch of a quarterback’s NFL career.

Watch the most fun play:

But the plot twist after that play. The Titans, who hit the laundry on the throw – not Mayfield – called the passer harshly against Rashan Evans.

Rough call drawn by a wide receiver? It may have happened before at some point, but it is not something that is easily investigated.

Other routes were tied up in Touchdown to capture Mayfield and Laundry Drive. Mayfield drill this pass to his leading receiver for a fine score as the Browns take a 10-0 lead.

Later in the second bit, Browns threw the ball to 310-pound offensive lineman Kendall Lam. This was not Lam’s first NFL catch – he was a rookie with the Houston Texans in 2015 – but it was his first professional touchdown.

There is no such thing as a big man TD catch.

This gave the Browns a 17-0 lead over Tennessee. The Titans immediately scored to cut it, but the trick-playing bonanza kept them in the big opening hole.

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