March 31, 2023

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Insider Trading: Some executives and agents still doubt the NHL’s mid-January opening date

Insider Trading: Some executives and agents still doubt the NHL's mid-January opening date

How much more work needs to be done than the January 13 opening date, can all of this be achieved in a timely manner? And can American-based and Canadian-based teams trade this season? This was discussed at TSN Hockey Insiders Insider Trading and more.

Since the January 13 start date is just five weeks away, how quickly should they get everything to give them a chance to hit that timetable?

LeBron: Every day is counted in the coming week. I can tell you what’s happening now, there is this living, breathing document on both sides, it goes back and forth. They will continue to add to this, they will be discussing protocols and other aspects of the rules and regulations, and they expect the respective parties to vote next week.

On the players side, I was told that they expect this to happen over the weekend and if all goes well they can get a vote on the executive board on Monday or Tuesday. I asked a governor who was in a call with the NHL on Wednesday – all they heard was that they were getting ready to vote anytime next week. I looked there for a little clarity and was told by a league source that the board would probably vote by the end of next week.

Now, Ottawa senators are part of the ‘Forgotten Seven’, where they start their camp three days before the 24 teams that played in Return to Play last summer. That’s itSt. You’re talking about players who need a 14-day quarantine, that’s next Wednesday. I hope people approve of this as soon as possible next week.

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Dregger: We were just over three weeks outside of the NHL training camp in early January. So everyone involved in this process, yes, they are hopeful, but many are also very skeptical. I’m talking about club executives, general managers, players’ agents; They identify the amount of work they need to do.

There is also COVID-19, which all provinces, states, and federal governments are wrestling with in terms of health authorities. NHL promises that once they have reached an agreement, they will complete it and release the puck on January 13.Th, But there is a lot to do and there are plenty of skeptics.

There are still a lot of barriers that prevent some teams from opening at home outside the gate. How does the league plan to work around it?

Seravalli: This is one of the main concerns that there may be four or five teams in the question of whether the games can even be held at this time. So Plan B remained an idea that could launch the idea of ​​hybrid balloons or hub cities, one of two divisions, one of four divisions that would host teams over a one-week time period. The idea is to start the season with 10 or 20 games in that format before going hopefully into each of the 31 buildings. With a priority left to start at 31 in total, we’ll see if they can get there. In the meantime, the deal, which looks at these two sides next week, may actually have language on those two ideas.

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What about the trade between the teams in Canada and the USA? Will there be additional sanctions until the borders are still closed?

LeBron: There are no trade restrictions between US and Canadian teams. Yes, a player who trades from a US team to a Canadian team is subject to any restrictions in that state or province. But the league and the PA have no plans to limit transactions across the border.

NHL coaches do not have to wear masks at return to play balloons in Edmonton and Toronto – how does it work at the moment?

Seravalli: That’s a must see. Both sides are still working on such protocols, but I polled some NHL coaches today unofficially, one thing is for sure it doesn’t matter if the protocol asks for it, he wears a mask on the bench. Another says it will ultimately benefit them. He said I could swear a little without worrying about the camera. A little more humor is needed at a time like this.