May 20, 2022

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EXCLUSIVE! Mob’s big hit: pulling out bosses

EXCLUSIVE!  Mob's big hit: pulling out bosses

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“It’s all over perfectly, it’s very well done,” Gravano said. “I’m not surprised how well the hit was given,” he said.

“Am I surprised? Most likely not. I am shocked and I will never allow that to happen, ”he said.

Gravano admitted that he was ready for a violent fall at that time. After all, Castellano is the most powerful exploiter in America, the boss of the bosses.

“I thought there would be a war going on for 10 years and a lot of people would be killed in that war,” he said from Arizona. “It was awful, a hit, it shook the whole mafia. Everyone was scared to look at us.”

A man called Sami the Bull now said he was not looking for any benefit from murder, money or power. All of this is to restore some of the lightning that Cosa Nostra lost.

Gravano believes that Teflon don John Gotti did more damage to the mafia than the army of stool pigeons. Getty Images Getty Images

“I want to do it right again. Saving Gotti and Ruggerio means, stay that way,” he said.

Now, 35 years later, Gravano believes the hit was an “incredible mistake.” The murder “hurt the family, hurt Cosa Nostra” and “we violated one of the golden rules about killing an owner.”

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And the era of John Gotti is considered by Mob historians – and Gravano to be a disaster.

“John … the way he handled himself hurt the mafia. So dressing, so acting. It’s not what we wanted… It ended up being a very big mistake,” he admitted.

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“But I was the last dinosaur alive to tell the story. I am the person who created it and I am still here. “

The Sami The Bulls podcast opens on December 16 – the 35th anniversary of Costellano Rabout. It’s available on YouTube, Spotify, Apple podcasts and more.

You can also follow him on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and TickTalk.

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