May 27, 2022

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Stadia tests the UI of a redesigned web application for the ‘Library’ tab

Stadia tests the UI of a redesigned web application for the 'Library' tab

For the past few weeks, Google has been creating an update after update for Stadia, and now, it looks like the company is preparing for a UI update. Some users are looking for a new web UI for Stadia, which includes welcome improvements.

Update 12/14: The new Stadia web app UI is now expanding widely Appears All customers. Looks like the update supports Ubisoft + Officially announced Before this morning. The original article follows.

Redditer was first identified The newest UI for the Stadia web app in his account via the Chrome browser. Updated UI, in the video below (via) StadiaSource), Brings some great improvements to the library component of the platform.

The updated interface first shows your recently played game, three new boxes appear on the site. The first of these links to “Pro Games” and the second to “Stadia News” Finally, there is the “New Releases” section. The first and last of these new boxes are shortcuts to parts of the Stadia store.

The change to the game pages is probably the most important. When you tap the game from the Library tab, it now brings up a larger menu. From there, you can access Family Controls for the game, which was previously limited to the Game Store list. The game page shows categories for each game and a shortcut to the store page (possibly for add-on content).

Around this UI update Google is now showing three games in a row, making better use of the space on the big laptop and desktop screens. Importantly, users who see this new Stadia Web UI will not see any updates on mobile or Chromecast apps.

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Update 12/7: This new UI seems to be coming out a bit more extensively this afternoon after being shown for a couple of users last week. Our own Abner Li showed a redesign in his account, giving us a chance to look at it a little deeper.

As shown in the previous screenshot and video, the grid has been expanded to show three-row games, as well as new shortcuts and buttons in the upper section. At the bottom of the homepage, we found that there is a “Pro Games to Claim” section, which allows users to quickly make any new additions to the Stadia Pro lineup with a single click. In our case, of course, the interface to start the game was also slightly adjusted from what we saw in the video above.

Google has quietly refreshed the logo for the Stadia Progressive web app, giving it a red gradient background and a white logo. This is a great improvement, especially on Chrome OS (pictured below).

Note also, One User In Stadia Subrudit A search bar only appeared in the web app in the store, but the post has since been deleted, so we don’t know what’s with it.

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