July 7, 2022

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In the tragedy, she is devastated by the death of her friend, the new death she has to face

Céline Dion

Sure, this is the Black series Celine Dion. Ever since the pandemic came, she seems to be going through hell. We can tell you everything!

Celine Dion in deep despair!

Dark year

This damn virus is causing havoc across the planet. Half of us were forced to verify in 2000, and we still don’t know if 2021 will be good. However, the majority of artists question themselves. Prohibited from performing at a concert, singers prefer Celine Dion Their trip had to be postponed to a later date. As a personal drama, this temporary break with their fans broke their hearts. And the conversation is true!

Rest, Futix Knowing this, when Celine Dion decides to go all over the world, she does not reduce her efforts. It was for this reason that the ticket price to see her on stage was so enviable. Unfortunately, at the moment, the project is impossible to do. Currently, the singer is leaving her home in Los Angeles to join her beloved Canada. Once there, she communicates with her followers on social networks. Very worried, these last comments did not escape her misfortune, even though she is the most famous singer in the world.

Enough done!

A few weeks ago, Futix Solved financial worries Celine Dion. Amid legal action, the courts ruled in favor of its former producer. Also, she has to give him some money and feels more lonely than ever. In addition, the virus persists angrily and no one is immune. Although we respect barrier gestures, the celebrations of the year can be painful. For most families, one person is missing at the table. Regarding Jean-Jacques Goldman’s friend, she has already denied the absence of this irrecoverable friend.

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Disappearing four years ago, Rene Angelil is still very much in his wife’s life. True, Celine Dion will never miss a chance to talk about her memory and everything they went through together. So when someone close to them goes missing because of COVID-19, it is as if he has lost some part of himself.

Here is what she said about it ”I was deeply saddened to learn of the death of Pierre Lacroix. Pierre Rene’s best friend and we shared many wonderful moments with him and his wife Coco. What a great privilege it is to have both of these in our lives. My thoughts are with Coco and their sons Martin and Eric, as well as their entire family. With Our Love, Saline, Rene-Charles, Nelson & Eddie ” Futix Congratulations to him on this new test!