February 23, 2024

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Invitation to buy the wrong excursion at CHU de Quebec

Invitation to buy the wrong excursion at CHU de Quebec

CHU de Quebec’s invitation to his employees to “come and lend a hand” rather than “stay home and repeat Christmas movies” during the holidays is wrong in the voice of many workers who have felt in the past months that the offer was “disgraceful” when they had already “run out”.

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In the message sent to the workers and who Newspaper Received a copy, CHU de Quebec is looking for volunteers to fill some shifts during the holiday season. As provided in the collective agreement, employees repurchase their scheduled vacation on time and in one and a half hours.

Recalling the “government-imposed detention” and “many vacation plans are falling apart”, he urged employees to come to work “once they have rested well”.

“Like the majority of CHU employees, did you take a vacation to reunite with your family? Considering the epidemiological context and the restraint required by the government, many vacation plans have fallen through. Once you are well rested, we invite you to lend a hand to your co-workers until you are home and watching Christmas movies over and over again! ”, It was written.

The last paragraph of this message from CHU de Quebec makes employees responsive.

Screen shot

The last paragraph of this message from CHU de Quebec makes employees responsive.

“Really clumsy”

For tired health care workers from the last few months struggling with COVID, the tone and approach used may not pass now.

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On social networks, many denounced the message, describing it as “really embarrassing” and “really very insulting”.

“Volunteer. But there, at one point, they were [les travailleurs] Have been volunteers for a long time. There they are burned. During the holidays, even if it is not a big holiday, they feel like they are spending time with their family and relaxing. Even though they hear Christmas movies over and over again, they need to rest, ”said Pierre Omond, president of CHU de Quebec’s Union of Workers.

Mixed reactions

On the CHU de Quebec side, recall that holiday redemption is an existing situation and “worked well” in the spring summer summer and summer.

“Some [des employés] The message was taken positively, but others took it very negatively. […] We tried to be a little bit more ridiculous and sarcastic, “said Genevieve Dupuis, a spokeswoman for CHU de Quebec. There are those who are shocked and there are those who laugh ”.

“We are absolutely sensitive that this will shock people. It is definitely not our intention,” she adds.

The call for volunteers ends Friday, but already, Ms Dupuis said the response among employees has been good.

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