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Stan Bowman is as solid as ever in Chicago

Stan Bowman is as solid as ever in Chicago

Stan Bowman’s opponents had a funny surprise on Wednesday.

Matthias BrunettMatthias Brunett

Chicago completes Blackhawks management overhaul. Not only did Bowman retain his position as GM, he was just then Promoted to President of Hockey Operations!

After many amazing springs, the Hawks have had some tough seasons recently. Bowman has been severely criticized for over a year.

Chicago have not qualified for the first round of the playoffs since its 2015 Stanley Cup. They will miss the playoffs for the third year in a row like the Canadians before being saved by the pandemic.

Bowman was crowned with glory between 2010 and 2015, but he was also responsible for the team’s downfall. He had a delicate job dealing with a batch of stars in line with the salary cap, but he did destructive business.

Second round pick for Trading Philip Donald and two rental players in February 2016, Dale Wise and Thomas Fleischmann. Donald was the long-awaited second or third center in Chicago. The Hawks may not have drafted Alexander Romanov in the second round, but there are still good players available.

Another talented young player, Teo Teravinen, wasted no time in getting rid of Bryan Bickel’s terrible contract, but the winger was at his best in the playoffs despite being limited to aggression. Tervainen is 21 years old. He has not yet produced enough for a management passion. He will have his second consecutive season with 75 points or more without a season break in Carolina this year.

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But in June 2017 the exchange was not damaged more than Artemis Panarin. Panarin signed a two-year bridge deal with an honorarium of six million six years ago to allow Bowman. The salary should be in line with the limit. He hopes to spend his career in Chicago.

Photo by Andre Pichet, archived by the Press

Artemis Panarin with the Chicago Blackhawks in 2017

Bowman deported his former winger Brandon Sadd on a five – year contract at a rate of six million per season. Rose to Panarin Star status in Columbus. Saad is a failure. He had 35, 47 and 33 point seasons before trading for the tough but limited Nikita Zadorov to the Colorado Avalanche this summer. Chicago is even withholding a million from Sad’s salary for the final year of his contract!

Hawks coach Joel Quenneville, at the time, angrily left the United Center after learning of Panarin’s departure. Chicago missed the playoffs for the next two years and Quenneville lost his job.

“When I was in Chicago, I thought I would be there in my career,” Panarin said during a visit to the New York Rangers this winter. Then this exchange took place. I still do not understand today… ”

Bowman is fortunate to have a good recruiting manager. Mark Kelly makes mistakes, like all of them, but his wise choices have helped Chicago include good youngsters in their core.

Alex Debrincott, who was drafted in the second round for selecting Canadians for Andrew Shaw a few years ago, suffered a setback last winter, but had scored 41 goals the year before. He scored six points in nine playoff games this summer.

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Defenseman Adam Bokwist, just 20, first round pick in 2018, could get the lead role this year.

Ditto, the youngest right-hander for Kirby Dutch, is third overall in 2019, leading the Canadian team to the World Junior Championships this year and reaching the NHL at the age of 18.

For Nick Schmultz, center Dylan Storm, 23, has scored 89 points in 116 games since coming to Chicago.

Behind Jonathan Toos, the center line has been strong for a long time. On the wings, Patrick Kane, apparently, was Debrinkat, but Dominic Kubalik, 25, took a cake bite from the Los Angeles Kings because he refused to be with them. Kubalik has scored 30 goals in just 68 games.

Stan Bowman hopes to achieve another big win in Europe: Pius Sutter, 24, 5 feet 11 inches and 170 pounds, has dominated the Swiss National League in Zurich for some years. Sutter signed a one-year deal to be named MVP in Switzerland. He missed the draft despite having 43 goals in season in Guelph in the Ontario Junior League.

Chicago have signed their 2017 second round pick Ian Mitchell, one of the NCAA’s top defensemen. The final round pick in 2018, Nicholas Budin, hopes to earn a spot as well.

Despite his bad moves, Stan Bowman was able to start an interesting phase of the revival. Team owners should take note of that.

The Hawks, on the other hand, have lost their regular goaltenders since last year to Corey Crawford and Robin Lehner. Young coach Jeremy Collitan is currently relying on Malcolm Subban and Collin Delia. At 26, the makings of number one have not been proven to exist … or even solid number two for that matter.

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If you want to silence the critics it is a Bowman challenge.

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