December 4, 2022

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How to explain Legalt’s popularity?

How to explain Legalt's popularity?

Beyond a slight decline, the popularity of Franకోois Legalt is growing. Since coming to power on the 1stIs October 2018, its political territory continues to expand.

A Leger / Lay journal poll published yesterday confirms this. Despite severe hiccups this spring, managing his pandemic also gave him a 6.9 score. Incomplete, however, it was found at 5.8 more than Justin Trudeau.

The CAQ won 49% of voting intentions, including 57% of francophones. This is 11.5 points more than the 2018 poll. Away from the decline, the honeymoon is on the rise.

Liberals, PQ and solidarity are fighting over the rest of the pieces. The arrival of two new chefs – Dominic Anglade at PLQ and Paul Saint-Pierre Plamondon at PQ – has changed nothing.

For the opposition parties, the epidemic is also creating a brutal eclipse effect. Since mid-March, Prime Minister Legalt has been the only captain in the health crisis.


How to describe the “phenomenon” Franకోois Legalt? Crisis binds the population to their leaders. This is for sure. But there is still a lot to it.

By creating the CAQ, the former PQ minister-sovereign-pressured, knows how to “reinvent himself” as a more conservative nationalist. In doing so, two decades after the last referendum, he allied himself with a majority of voters.

According to the poll, only 33% of francophones vote for sovereignty. Despite the popular Legalt government holding a referendum, their yes needle rises to just 36%.

Ditto for his “pragmatism” before recognition. In the controversial case of “secularism”, with his Act 21, Mr. Legalt was able to place himself somewhere between the more volatile positions of the PQ and the cheerful inaction of the liberals.

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His promise to strengthen Bill 101 in 2021 will surely follow the same approach. Most of the year 2020 and 2021 belong to COVID-19.

Achilles heel

His management of the crisis receives a high approval rating. This is the detail that points out the flaws. Only half of the respondents approve of its management in schools (memo to its Minister of Education).

After all, CHSLDs and 60% of retirees do not agree with the management of the crisis. The first wave of extraordinary killings in Quebec resulted in the deaths of thousands of women and men alone and in conditions unworthy of a developed society.

The Prime Minister is Achilles heel. By the time of the 2022 election, the only way he can reduce the impact is to change the situation more drastically. Quebec’s aging population wants this.

The poll confirms this. To know what Legalt government priorities will be in 2021, the first three stand strong: health network management, pandemic management and improving the living conditions of seniors.

That is obvious. In Quebec, the pandemic exposed a severely broken health and social services system. Voters hope the government will address this.