June 7, 2023

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Stop forcing for the Big Boss of the tram project

Stop forcing for the Big Boss of the tram project

Quebec Street Car Project Big Boss Daniel Genest, suffering from kidney cancer, should be away for a few months.

“A few weeks ago, Don Genest discovered an unprecedented evil. He was a soldier by training. He was 25 years old, the man who led the engineering team in Sarajevo. That’s one Tough. He found a problem while jogging, and everything rushed, and an ambulance had to come and fetch him when he returned home, ”Mayor Regis LaBeoum told a news conference Friday. .

Quebec Mayor, Regis Labyum

Photo Didier Debutcher

Quebec Mayor, Regis Labyum

“Dan is suspected of having kidney cancer. As he himself said: “Now the enemy is recognized.” This is already good news. There, he will take medication and, perhaps in early January, the kidneys will be removed, ”the mayor continued.

The exact duration of his absence is indefinite, but he may not attend for a few months. Brigitte Cretian, Commercial Division Director of the Project Office, and Benoit Carrier, Director of the Design Division, will assume duties during his forced break.

No impact on the project

Regis Labum ensures that this has no bearing on project planning. “I have warned everyone in the government. Nothing has changed. All of these are well covered, and everyone knows what to do. [Daniel Genest] Not a person who concentrates power. He shares with his employees. The culture he established, under the circumstances, would serve us well. “

“I told him to take his time … Dan Genest, he’s a fit guy, he’s very healthy. It does not last a lifetime. Patachan Like me. He is a man who has everything he needs to recover quickly. We want the courage he, Dan and his family need. He knows he has our full support, ”said Mr. LaBeoum, who fought prostate cancer in 2019.

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Appointed in February 2019

The appointment of Daniel Genest was formally made in February 2019. At the time, the mayor was happy to have found Labum Its “champion” to complete the largest infrastructure project in Quebec city history, Whose value is 3 3.3 billion.

Daniel Genest served as an engineer in the Canadian Armed Forces for 30 years and also commanded the Walcartier Regiment. In 2011, he joined SNC-Lavalin Company. He was involved in the construction of the new Champlain Bridge in Montreal and was second on the project to the management team.