May 23, 2022

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Compromise Video: What is the future for MP Denise Tordiff?

Compromise Video: What is the future for MP Denise Tordiff?

The news continues to respond. Riviere-du-Loop’s deputy – Denis Tordiff, no longer sits independently in the National Assembly, after airing a video showing him in a bar not respecting sanitation measures.

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Riviere-du-Loop – Time is running out for questions on Temisco. Many citizens had not yet digested to see their drunken deputy at the bar, who embraced his companions without his mask and distance.

“He will pay later in the next election. He has no great chance of representing himself for the CAQ,” said the TVA Novelles interrogator. While some threw stones at the MP, others felt the gesture was forgivable.

Many elected officials who saw the pictures were also in shock, especially the mayor of Trois-Pistols, Jean-Pierre Reox. “I have no choice but to disappoint. A very big mistake, on a political level, he pays the price,” he said.

According to political analyst Eric O’Leary, Denise Tordiff is now sitting independently, which is not bad news for the region. “It is no longer subject to party discipline and, at that point, the assistants in question will be able to further analyze the files and find a place on their county files,” said a political science professor at Segep d. La Pocatier.

This is the second exception in Boss-Saint-Laurent this week, following a Herald label expelled Tuesday from the party Cubacois Caucasus. According to Eric Ovalet, Denise Tordiff and Harold Label are likely to team up in some cases to take regional issues forward.

The mayor of Trois-Pistols, Jean-Pierre Riox, shares his concern over the matter, working regularly with Denise Tordiff, especially with the aim of obtaining a subsidy from Quebec for the future Trois-Pistols Convention Center.

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“Does the fact that he will be independent keep the door open for him as he is in the political machinery in the case of deputy ministers and ministers, or can it create a problem?” Mayor Reox asked.

Denise Tordiff now faces three options. He could resign, end his tenure independently, or the CAQ could re-employ him in the Caucasus, however, waiting for the end of the Franకోois Legalt epidemic.