June 7, 2023

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[PODCAST] Isabelle Mashola wants to use technology to do better

[PODCAST] Isabelle Mashola wants to use technology to do better

Isabelle Mashola admits that she has always supported the cause of women, even in the larger groups in which she has worked. She believes in sharing and collective intelligence. “I don’t have the role model I like,” she explains. The women at the top should be worse than the men. With this in mind, she believes women should help each other, and men do it well. Among her values, she stated a sense of respect, equality, benevolence, cooperation and a strong sense of justice. At her age, co-founder and president Isahit Less and less support as its values ​​move.

A few years ago, she joined an association that works with women in Africa. The association’s projects include the purchase of dryers for processing cereals in Burkina Faso, allowing women to work even during the rainy season, and the purchase of sewing machines to help young Cameroonian women get better. Develop their ready-to-wear business. It was during this time that Philip Coop joined the Zombet Association. Isabelle Mashola explains, “It’s great when people are left with nothing and their homes are looted by a hurricane. But life is meaningful. After traveling in large groups, she was amazed at what motivated her.

Philip Coop-Zombet, who has been in the world of startups for ten years, persuaded his partner to join a technology company. “The Isahit principle is to give work to people who can’t work without technology,” she explains. We are in 32 countries on 3 continents. We want women to work. We must not pit technology against humans. Artificial intelligence does not have human intelligence, there are a lot of things it cannot do. “

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Isahit provides additional income for young women, for example, it costs them 3,000 euros to complete a master’s degree. Subsequent work for a maximum of 100 hours per month, for a period not exceeding two and a half years. During this period, they get income. The company pays its employees seven times more for a single job than traditional companies. Women are trained in both Smooth skills et en Tough skills. All these women gain confidence. Isabelle Mashola prefers the English word Empowerment, His eyes are stronger than ordinary faith. One of the ideas behind Isahit is to take women out of the informal economy and into the formal economy.

In short, when a company like Sodexo, Loral or Violia pays 100 euros for a contract, 60 euros goes directly to the workers – known as hitters – 35 euros to the Isahit assistance program to support partners with hubs in Isahit and 5 countries, provide free training and internet access. “We are a socially responsible platform that takes on business projects, minimizes and calls for them Group 2, specifies the co-founder. Today, there are 1,100 hitters on the platform. In 3 or 4 years, Isahit wants 10,000 women to work, which will provide a livelihood for 40,000.

Each year, Isahit calls on an outside agency to verify the effects of its actions. According to the results of this analysis, four effects were revealed: women’s empowerment, the opportunity to go back to school, the profession of the work world and, last year, the opportunity to find a job.

Isahit works in several major areas: Computer vision ; The Natural language processing ; Yet Data & Content Services. For Computer vision. Automatic language processing (NLP), for example, improves the chatbot experience. Finally, with regard to data and content services, it rewrites and subtitles files generated for businesses.

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“When Loral sent us 10,000 photos To tag, Which describes the micro task, image, a person, Isabelle Mashola. It is a reinforcement of diversity. For example, in the dining tray of a French canteen or Brazilian canteen, all the ingredients must be marked. Same thing for the skin. “

Part of Isahit’s observation is that today, in the world, 2 billion people live on less than 2 euros a day, and these women are over-represented because they are less educated and less inclined to use digital. This flexibility can be changed by allowing women to work as technologies allow. Isahit adjusts itself to the UN’s two sustainable development goals: first, SDG1, which aims to eradicate poverty, and SDG8 to provide better work for all.

During its presentation MTL Connects / Digital Week, Isabelle Mashola wants to see how technology and people can be used for social innovations. She proposes concrete cases, but also wants to demystify artificial intelligence. “Yes, artificial intelligence destroys jobs, or moves them according to the UN, but it creates a lot,” she agreed. We are in a positive delta, where there is more creation than inhumanity and educational solutions. We need to make sure everyone is connected, otherwise we will leave people. She also talks about our socially responsible outsourcing like Isahit Practice.