May 23, 2022

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How far will Trump and his rabbit go?

How far will Trump and his rabbit go?

Trump is intensifying his futile and pathetic efforts to manipulate the election results. His defeat further alienated him from reality, further provoking this evil, desperate and dangerous narcissist.

Trump has spoken several times in the White House in recent days with attorney Sidney Powell and his interrupted former National Security Adviser General Michael Flynn.

Powell believes the late Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez and the CII tightened the election, a theory that has so far emerged, and that Trump himself rejected it until recently. Flynn, who was jailed for lying to the FBI, received a presidential apology from Trump.

Will Trump boycott Biden and swear himself?

The insane duo seized the voting machines with Trump and discussed the idea of ​​declaring martial law in key states where Joe Biden won, where the military would take responsibility for holding new elections. Trump will appoint Powell as special adviser to investigate the non-existent voter fraud that provided Biden victory.

Trump’s most servant coddlers, Secretary of State Mike Pompey and Attorney General Bill Barr also shunned his insanity.

The Pentagon felt the need to warn against engaging in such insanity: “The United States military has no role to play in determining the outcome of an American election,” the secretary said. Army, Ryan McCarthy, and Chief of the Land Staff, General James McConville.

Several media outlets have reported that Trump intends to boycott Biden’s swearing-in on January 20, the day he began his campaign to seize the White House in 2024. His political action committee “Save America” ​​last month, has already raised over 200 million.

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Some of his more confused supporters encourage him to hold a parallel swearing-in ceremony. Casual. They believe he won.

This is not the beginning of a new era

These warning signs of impending disruption have slowed the mood of the Democrats party and are now a cause for concern. They are not alone. White House staff are concerned about Trump’s deteriorating mood.

The intense political, cultural, regional and social tensions that divide Americans predate Trump, which is only the most obvious and harmful feature in the end. On January 20th they will not look awesome. Does not return to normal.

The political situation may deteriorate further. Is there anyone around him to appease Trump when the right-wing media Fox, Newsmax and OAN promote his provocation and propagate his conspiracy theories, comforting over seventy million Americans? Their silly beliefs?

The “decline” of the United States is not tomorrow. How long before Trump followers escape from the semi-religious mystery that enchants them? Ten years? Fifteen?