May 22, 2022

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Unwanted materials in sorting centers

Unwanted materials in sorting centers

The pandemic created a substantial influx of new materials such as disposable masks in sorting out centers in the province and caused the situation to become very uncomfortable.

The use of disposable masks, gloves and wipes has literally exploded since the start of the health crisis in March.

This material is often found in recycling and it is not its place. Sorting centers should remove these products that are not reusable.

Hence the work of the employees is more complicated.

Municipalities have been launching several calls for awareness since March. The message is heard even though it still needs to work.

“Today, I can tell you that it’s a lot worse,” explained Stefan Lavoie, plant manager at the Bouford Group in Mont-Jolie. People pay more attention. We see a difference, but we still see the gloves. “

Disposable masks or wipes. They can also contaminate other materials.

“There are still risks associated with it,” Mr Lavoie said. You should not take the opportunity, but no, it is not a retrievable material. “

Several measures have been taken at the Boufard Group’s sorting center to ensure employee safety since the outbreak began.

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