May 30, 2023

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Dates with Jane Birkin, her first photo match

Dates with Jane Birkin, her first photo match

In 1969, Jane Birkin gave her first date at the Paris match. She came back in our magazine this week for an exclusive interview … with retro match, follow the news through the archives of Paris match.

The match first met Jane Birkin in October 1967, when she was still one of Swinging London’s young musicians. In previous years, we saw Poms D’R at Cannes, a symbol of British prowess in the sixties, in “The Knock” comedy, in “Blow-Up” by Antonio. Birkin is just 20 years old.

In the first set, she met composer John Barry, who was to become her husband. Two years later, the couple welcomed their daughter, Kate. Our photographer Philip Le Tellier meets a young mother and her child in a beautiful park in Chelsea in a report dedicated to hippie fashion in London …

Jane Birkin and her daughter Kate (top right) in a report dedicated to hippie fashion at the October 14, 1967 Paris match n ° 966. © Paris Match

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Interview with Gainesburg

The following year, Jane John, then left London for France. In the summer of 1968, her “slogan” was filmed by Pierre Grimblott opposite Serge Gainsburg. It started badly between them. Cabbage head turned a little English woman into her Turkish head. The director ended the trap by inviting the restaurant to cancel at the last minute. Jane and Serge’s Tate-a-Tate lasts for ten years.

Jane followed up with the “La Piskin” shooting, where our photographer Philippe Le Tellier met her again. Birkin and Gainsburg met in Nepal for the film “Les Cummins de Kathmandu”. During its appearance in Cannes, the match met a very delicately united couple, for a series of beautiful photos signed by Jean-Pierre Biot.

Only one of these photos was published at the time, with Jane Birkin the only star. For this first real meeting with the actress and singer on May 31, 1969 at 1047, Match writes: “The success of a star is measured by the number of photographers interested in her, and the final days of the festival show that Jane Birkin is on track to become a real star. “

Jane Birkin is back in the match this week (# 3738, dated December 24, 2020): Jane took the pen and found the courage to tell her story. Kate, her eldest daughter, seven years ago, went on the roads to sing with her Gainsburg and forget about herself. “Oh! Sorry, you’re asleep… ”, an album composed and produced by family friend Etienne Daho, she revealed herself. In the 1970s, she posed nude, this time offering her soul. The singer tells the life of hobbies and plays, without filtering.

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