May 20, 2022

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George Clooney attacked the anti-masks

George Clooney attacked the anti-masks

Although thousands of people die every day from this coronavirus epidemic, people continue to minimize the severity of the virus by neglecting to wear a mask, which is currently one of the safest ways to prevent it. Against the barrier of these anti-masks and anti-gestures, the actor Mission Impossible, Tom Cruise There has been a provocation on a film set recently. After him, George Clooney This Thursday, December 17 show was also attacked Howard Stern Show, For those who refuse to wear a mask in the name of freedom.

« The simple idea that we can say “this is my right” is not how this bitch works, idiot!He rebelled. For him, the argument of this freedom does not contain water, because some freedom does not endanger the lives of others. ” These are your rights: You are free to smoke until your lungs turn black, but you cannot do so on the bus. And you are free to drink until your kidneys come out of your ass, but you can no longer drink and drive the car, ”Said the 59-year-old artist as an example.

“There must be rules”

While waiting for the vaccine Anti Kovid It will be there soon, the actor invites everyone to adopt a mask to stop the spread of the virus. ” There must be rules. And one of them says: Keep the *** in pursuit and we’ll get out of this together. Let’s save 60,000 lives so the vaccine is coming to us “, He advised.

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