May 17, 2022

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Ontario is rebuilding itself, but not like Quebec

Ontario is rebuilding itself, but not like Quebec

Like Quebec, Ontario returned to strict control on Saturday, but regulations are slightly different between the two provinces. The country’s most populous province recorded 4,301 new cases in two days on Friday and Saturday.

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Ski centers in Ontario are closed, for example, in Quebec they are open under harsh conditions.

In addition, in southern Ontario, high school students return to class only at the end of January, while in Quebec, face-to-face classes begin again on January 11, similar to elementary school.

In Ontario, the confinement lasts longer than in Quebec, at least in the southern regions, where there are major cities.

The new regulations apply there for four weeks, which are in effect for two weeks in northern Ontario.

In Quebec, the closure of unwanted businesses lasts until January 10, regardless of the alert level in the area where we are located.

Roughly speaking, the list of unwanted services in the two provinces is almost identical.

New health standards are being imposed in Ontario, where two cases of the new coronavirus have been found.

This variant of the virus is said to be more contagious, but there are no indications that it is more dangerous.

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