May 25, 2022

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Quebec once again attracts Quebec technological genius

Quebec once again attracts Quebec technological genius

Cubecore uses a new media targeting tool from the Montreal company Contextual, which has developed technology that can do without popular personal data.

“This is Quebec’s Artificial Intelligence start – up very techno, making it possible to match with other giants by targeting people who understand,” said Jean B. Peladio, General Manager, Data and Advertising Performance at Quebecore.

“We have the opposite position to Big Brother,” he said in an interview Journal Contextual at the beginning of the year, Guillaume Bouchard’s CEO. Unlike Google and Facebook we hope to be able to do a lot of advertising without always using private data. “

Measure the context

Thanks to public and anonymous mobile sensors, Contextual’s technology manages to measure the context of every connected device without resorting to conflicting personal data.

Basically, the company, which was founded three years ago, empowers broadcasters and advertisers to monetize their mobile audience by measuring the “human context”.

Posture, position of the device, level of movement and concentration … As a result of the Tandem Launch Incubator, a tool called “Receptivity”, developed by a young company, manages to measure the level of consumer advertising perception so that advertisers can find the right audience.

Advertising revenue is at war with techno which risks making new followers and web giants are constantly trying to attract and retain their customers.

End of witnesses

“Six months ago, Google announced the imminent demise of the Witnesses,” continued Jean B. Peladio of Quebec. This is good for privacy and bad for the advertisers who use it. For example, some people, like Apple, are against it, but others like it. “

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At Quebecore, more than 70% of the group’s site traffic comes from mobile devices. In Quebec, more than 91% of 18- to 54-year-olds own a smartphone, which is great for the Mile-X business.

In late January, Cubacore Innovation Fund raised a contextual million 2 million in a round of financing led by Innovexport Fund with Law Capital Assurance and Angis Quebec.