July 5, 2022

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World Junior | Canada defeated Germany 16-2

World Junior |  Canada defeated Germany 16-2

Canada has not missed a comeback at the World Junior Hockey Championship, it’s far away!

Alexis Belanger-Champagne
The Canadian Press

Dylan Cogens had three goals and several assists and Canada opened the title defense with a 16-2 win over Germany on Saturday.

> Summary of the meeting

Dawson Mercer, Alex Newhook, Peyton Krebs and Philip Tomasino each scored two goals, while Kaiden Guhley, Ryan Suzuki, Jacob Pelletier, Thomas Harley and Connor McMichel also scored.

Canada reached its 18-goal record in the World Juniors game. He achieved this feat in December 1985 against the Federal Republic of Germany and in December 1986 against Poland.

The tournament record was 21 goals when Czechoslovakia beat Austria 21-4 in December 1980.

Montreal Devon Levy celebrates his 19th birthdayE Birthday Sunday, allowing one goal in nine shots in the first two seasons. Dylan Garand took charge in the third period and conceded once in six shots.

Photo by Jason Fransen, Canadian Press

Alex Newhook (15), Jonas Gahar (30)

John-Jason Peterka and Fabian Elias are the German goal scorers. Arno Tiffany allowed four goals in 11 shots in the first period, then Jonas Gahr conceded 12 of 33 shots in the final 40 minutes of the game.

Canada lost defenseman Braden Schneider after 8:40 a game.

Defender Bowen Byram wore the captain’s “C” in the absence of Kirby Dach, who suffered a wrist injury in Wednesday’s pre-season game against Russia. The Dutch, who spent the last season with the Chicago Blackhawks in the NHL, will miss the entire tournament. Byram and Cogens alternately wear “C” in Canada matches.

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Germany lost nine players as they were left alone after making positive models for COVID-19.

Canada will play its next game against Slovakia on Sunday. Germany will also take charge of Slovakia on Monday.

No surprises

Just 1:54 after the game Canada quickly took the lead. Guhle left his post at the left point and beat the Typhoons at the tight end.

After attacking twice, Levi stretched out the levy pad to frustrate Stuttgall and Levy stood up shortly after.

Photo by Jason Fransen, Canadian Press

Manuel Alberg (28), Bowen Byram (4), Devon Levy (1)

Canada’s second goal at 7:27 saw Tiffany look low at the other end of the ice. The German goalkeeper lost his balance behind the net and Mercer returned to extend the shorthand lead.

Germany blocked a late scorecard in their five-minute power play after Schneider was sent off. Peterka beat Levi with a good wrist shot with 6:48 left in the first twenty. Puck untied Byram’s stick before surprising Levi.

Tomasino 68 seconds later, Tiffany compromised and could not stop Puk‌.

Courtesy of Krebs Canada was able to go back to the locker room for the first break with a 4-1 lead. The second used a return to power play to score with 0.2 seconds left in the start.

Photo by Jason Fransen, Canadian Press

Jack Quinn (29) joins John Munzenberger (27) on the Canadian bench.

Gaher replaced Tihansey in front of the German net, but it did nothing to slow Canada down. In contrast, representatives of the maple leaf added seven goals in the second period.

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This is the seventh time Canada has scored seven goals in the World Juniors.

The ball came rolling to Mercer at 2:40 after delivery from Tomasino in the enclave.

After that the flood gates really opened. Suzuki, New Hook, and Tomasino hit the target twice to make it 9-1. Cogens scored on the break, then Krebs came back with 9.4 seconds.

At the start of the third period Cogens quickly completed his hat-trick with two salvos. Pelletier, Harley and McMichel were also outnumbered, invited to the party with one goal each before the end.

Elias scored Germany’s second goal late in the power play.