July 5, 2022

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Bernard Kouchner promises to vaccinate him, “but later”

Published Sunday, December 27, 2020 at 10:50 AM.

For former Health Minister Bernard Kouchner, the vaccine against Kovid-19 is a “scientific breakthrough”, in columns Parisian.

It’s a big day, in France: this Sunday, December 27, the vaccination begins, a great hope in the fight against Kovid-19. A few days after the green light given by the European Union, the first French people to receive the first dose of the product from American Pfizer and German Biomtech were twenty elderly people and caregivers.

In columns of Parisian On Saturday, December 26, former Health Minister Bernard Kouchner promised that he intended to be vaccinated “of course”, but then I’m back as soon as possible. “” I have Kovid disease, which is nothing but odors.

I have been taking antibodies, but for how long? “, He was shocked. Then send a message that is very suspicious:” We do not know the duration of protection provided by the vaccine, it’s true, but it’s not the cause! The Pasteur nation will fool itself if it refuses to vaccinate. “

“Authentication ignored”

Bernard Kouchner did not hide his faith in this vaccine against Kovid-19. “Yes, the production process was fast, but it’s completely complete. It’s a tremendous success of science. No certification was ignored. Each laboratory has tested thousands of people and the results have been controlled more than usual. No serious incidents were reported except for a minor case. “

To rejoice in some of the side effects it may cause: “This vaccine, at present, causes only a few minor pains at the injection level. There is nothing unusual, but do not relax the focus too much.”

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The French are more skeptical

According to polls, this is enough for the French to be wary of new vaccines, which are in large numbers. According to a recent Koviprev study from Public Health France, 60% of people between December 14 and 16 do not plan to be vaccinated. In November they were 47%. In July, that number was at 36%.

These figures may change over time as 42% of them are willing to change their minds if they receive promising information on the “effectiveness and safety of vaccines”.