June 6, 2023

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Vaccine: Astrogeneka says there is a “winning formula” before the UK decision COVID-19 | News | The sun

Vaccine: Astrogeneka says there is a "winning formula" before the UK decision COVID-19 |  News |  The sun

“We have found a winning formula and with two doses, we think about how to achieve the same effect as others,” Pascal Soriot, general manager of the Sunday Times, declared, “his vaccine is 100%” protective “against severe forms of COVID-19.

In the interim results of large-scale clinical trials in the United Kingdom and Brazil, the British laboratory announced in November that its vaccine was on average 70% effective, more than 90% of Pfizer / Bioentech and Moderna.

Behind this average result were hidden large differences between the two different protocols: the effect was 90% for volunteers who first received half the dose, then full dose a month later, but only 62% for another group who were vaccinated for both groups.

These results were criticized because half the dose was due to injection error and a relatively small group followed this protocol. The company announced that its vaccine needed “additional study”.

The Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine is very inexpensive (US $ 4 per dose) and can be stored in conventional freezers and not at -70 degrees, such as Pfizer / BioMtech for example.

This makes vaccination easier on a large scale and in nursing homes.

The United Kingdom, the first Western country to begin injecting Pfizer / BioMtech doses in early December, is counting on ramping up this second vaccine and putting an end to the rise in cases that have led to its soiling of a new variant of the coronavirus.

Against this mutation, Pascal Soriot said, “We currently think the vaccine should be effective.” “But we can’t say for sure so we’ll do some testing.”

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He promised to make new versions if needed: “You have to be ready”.

“The end of the tunnel”

The UK government said on Wednesday that it had submitted complete data for the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine to the UK Regulator, MHRA. According to the British press, a decision must be made in the coming days for an injection from January 4th.

The UK has ordered 100 million doses of the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine, of which 40 million will be available by the end of March.

In all, the government has access to over 350 million doses by the end of next year, sourcing from seven manufacturers at the start of the clinical trials phase.

In total, more than 600,000 people have already received the first dose of the Pfizer / BioMTech vaccine.

The success of the current campaign in the United Kingdom is even more crucial as the United Kingdom, one of the countries plagued by more than 70,000 deaths, is seeing pollution rise again.

Authorities attribute this resurgence to a mutation, with a 50% to 74% higher risk of infection, according to a British study.

To counter this trend, authorities have rebuilt a portion of the population, especially in London. As of Saturday, the mainland is under the control of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

“This is a very difficult year for everyone in this country,” Finance Minister Rishi Sunak agreed in a mail on Sunday. “Vaccination and the extraordinary work of our scientists and conservationists means we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

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The Oxford / Austrogeneca vaccine is based on a weaker version of a common virus in chimpanzees, genetically modified.

The process of delivering genetic material into cells, ordering an attack on SARS-CoV-2, is referred to as the “Trojan horse”.