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4 proofs that Ahsoka himself is the best Star Wars character

4 proofs that Ahsoka himself is the best Star Wars character

Yoda, Obi-Wan, Dark Vador, Boba Fet … the universe Star Wars Filled with iconic and epic characters. If everyone knows the saga and the history of the fans in depth, Ahsoka Tano, who recently returned in season 2 Mandolorian, Can be claimed in lieu of the best character of Star Wars. Here is the proof.

Excellent development

For many fans, the character of Star Wars Anakin Skywalker was the most developed man in the saga era. Father of a fatherless little boy Phantom Menace, He became a powerful Jedi knight who feared the death of his mother and the loss of his wife Sith’s revenge, Before becoming the dreaded Darth Vader, and before bringing to light the Force thanks to his love for his son Luke Skywalker The Jedi are back. However, Ahsoka himself also benefits from an exciting evolution. From a naughty young Padavan, before leaving the Jedi order, she became a certified Jedi, without completely severing ties with them. One of the emotional hearts of the series, her relationship with former master Anakin Skywalker, turned into a sitcom. Star Wars Rebels. In Mandolorian, The memory of the mistakes Anakin made seems to continue to haunt her, pushing her to refuse to train Grogo. The knowledge she showed in the Disney + series shows how far she has come.

It reveals all the intricacies of the Jedi

If we are not mistaken in accusing the saga invented by George Lucas of being too mannequin, Ahsoka himself character will be different from other characters in the relationship between good and evil. True, while she clearly belongs to the “camp of the good guys,” the Jedi have been able to reveal more than any of the other characters in the saga, and the distinction between good and evil is probably more obscure than that. ‘Feels. Ahsoka himself falsely accused the Jedi Council of committing a heinous attack. If so, the character’s story Allows the film to qualify for a sheltered council from the slightest harm. Yoda, a wise member of the council, was also among the accused. In The Clone Wars, We also realized that the error made by the Jedi Council that led to the departure of Ahsoka Tano was one of the driving forces behind Anakin Skywalker’s turnaround. Sith’s revenge.

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It makes the junction between different eras

Appeared in The Clone Wars, Ahsoka himself, to this day, has not gained the authority seen in a film of the saga. However, like C3-PO and R2-D2, the young Jedi form a connection between the different eras of the saga. During the clone wars, She survives Order 66, which destroyed the Jedi Order Active member of the Rebel Alliance In Star Wars Rebels. In Mandolorian, The galactic empire takes its final turns and turns, before the new order, Ahsoka himself is looking for the Grand Admiral Throne And Ezra Bridger, the protagonist Star Wars Rebels. Finally, We heard at the end L ‘Ascension de Skywalker, In the last battle between Ray and Palpatin, along with other Jedi in the past. Ahsoka himself thus connects the three triads Star Wars To the rest of the canonical expansive universe.

The most interesting character to follow

Disney has often been accused of overusing characters from the original trilogy. If Luke Skywalker appeared last season Mandolorian Is Especially appreciated by fans Star Wars, Lukasfilm’s inability to completely escape from the Skywalker saga sometimes makes audiences feel left behind. Ahsoka Tano’s character wears enough gray areas to tell great surprising stories. This is because she has never appeared in any movie. Star Wars. So, there is a lot to learn about Ahsoka Tano’s life between sets. The Clone Wars And Star Wars Rebels, Between Star Wars Rebels And Mandolorian, And between Mandolorian And Postology. So imagine our reaction when we find out that Lucasfilm works The series focuses on character and it runs parallel to the series Mandolorian.

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