December 4, 2022

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A police officer in Ohio has been shot for shooting a black man

A police officer in Ohio has been shot for shooting a black man

. . The man in question, Andre Hill, 47, was injured.

Furnace Amiri
Associated Press

Brian Steel, vice president of the local police union, told the Associated Press that Columbus cop Adam Coy was fired hours after the disciplinary hearing.

Adam Coy was also under criminal investigation for last week’s shooting.

Columbus Security Director Ned Petus Jr. last Tuesday presided over an investigation into whether the actions taken by Constable Coe in the moments before and after the shooting that killed Andre Hill were justified. .

Members of the police union attended on behalf of Constable Coe, who was absent, according to a statement from the Patas office.

During the Christmas festivities, Columbus Police Chief Thomas Quinlan gave a video statement saying he had seen enough of them to recommend the removal of Constable Coe.

Photo by Ville de Columbus, by Reuters

Columbus Police Chief Thomas Quinlan

“We have an officer who has sworn to abide by the rules and policies of the Columbus Police Division,” he said. “And the consequences of this violation are so great that they require immediate action. This violation claimed the lives of an innocent man. ”

Adam Coy and another police officer responded to a call from a resident about a car in front of his home Tuesday night. According to Mayor Andrew Ginter, it is not yet known if the car has anything to do with Andre Hill.

The officer’s body camera footage showed Mr. Hill walking out of a garage and holding his cell phone in his left hand seconds before he was shot and killed by Constable Koi. Noise because the agent does not activate his camera; The automatic save function captures the shot without audio.

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Other agents who answered the call are also being investigated. According to Mr Quinlan, other police officers also appear to have failed to activate their body cameras or protect Mr Hill.